What to sell at school to make money easily?

What to sell at school to earn money? If you are still a student and you are looking for ideas that you can sell in your school then this is for you. In this article we have compiled some ideas that can serve as a basis to earn some extra money while you attend school, we hope they will be of your help.

What to sell at school besides candy

(1. School supplies: pens, pencils, colors, notebooks, notebook labels, stickers, rulers, tape, etc.

The recommendation: if you plan to sell school supplies then buy these items in wholesale stores, this way your profit margin will be wider and you will have enough left to continue investing in subsequent purchases to continue selling these items to your classmates and why not? also to your teachers.

What to sell at school to make money easily?

(2. Sweets: gum (of course if they are allowed to eat gum at school), lollipops, marzipan, hall pills, chocolates, tamarind sweets, milk sweets etc.

The recommendation: Everywhere and near your home there should be large candy stores, go to these places and according to your budget buy bags of sweets, price each product and sell them at your school.

(3. Fruit: In hot weather, fruit is one of the favorite products for boys and girls who attend school. So you can buy some fruits in your supermarket, then chop them and take them packed in a bag or in disposable cups.

The recommendation: Because fruits are very delicate, it is very important to take your fruit cocktails in some ice box so that they do not spoil during the day, ah! And very important: don’t forget to wash all the fruits very well, we don’t want someone to get sick, right?

(4. Baking: If you are an expert in baking then you have already made it. Bake cakes, pies, cookies, donuts etc. at home. Put each item in a bag, put a price on them, put them in a small basket and take your small business to school, rest assured that you will not lack buyers especially at recess time.

The recommendation: Bread is an edible item that is consumed at all times of the year, however, the time when sales increase is in winter time and if you accompany it with coffee you can imagine …

(5. Accessories: In most schools the largest number of students are women, so here is a good niche that you can take advantage of. Sell ​​brooches, barrettes, bracelets, brushes, combs etc.
The recommendation: If you want to save some money on your investment, create accessories for yourself so your profit margin will be greater.

(6. Counseling: If you are good in math, history or English, why don’t you give counseling to your classmates who have problems in those subjects? Identify which of your classmates need your help and offer to give them advice outside of class hours.

The recommendation: You can charge by the hour, by the day or by the week, it all depends on the price you want to charge and the amount you want to earn.

(7. Clothing: Sell ​​T-shirts, blouses, jeans, shorts, fishermen and everything else that you think has high purchasing potential among your colleagues.

The recommendation: As many students still do not work, their budget is very limited so sell only what can be paid for by your classmates, or establish a section system and give them the garment when they liquidate the product.

(8. Sell crafts: If you have the ingenuity of creating crafts then use your imagination and create things that are original but at the same time useful for your classmates. Example: Jar for pens and colors lined with fomi with the name of the person, folder with photos of all the classmates in your classroom, etc.

The recommendation: Be as original as you can, the more original your products are, the more you will sell, so let your imagination fly and create something never seen before or renew something that someone else has already invented.

(9. Sandwiches: Sandwiches or cakes are the most widely consumed edible items in a school, so prepare some delicious sandwiches and sell them at your school.

What to sell at school to make money easily?

The recommendation: Do not forget a saying that says: “love is born from sight” so do not neglect the presentation of your product. For example, you can wrap each sandwich in an individual bag by adding your napkin, a bag of salt, toothpicks and some mints.

This will give your product a bonus and rest assured that even if they already sell these products in your school, they will prefer your product than the one in the store.

That’s it on what to sell at school to make money easily here on Nairalanceblog. Let us know using the comment box what you want to be added to the list.

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