What is Geomarketing, why is it important, how to do it and examples

You may not have mastered the concept of geomarketing, but you certainly know what it is about, or at least you have already been the target of its actions.

We are talking about one of the most current strategies for brands to get their message right to the public.

Current, modern and redesigned.

The answer to the question “what is geomarketing” has changed thanks to technology, especially with the popularization of smartphones and greater access to the internet from mobile devices.

As we will see in this article, you, as a consumer, are being permanently monitored from your online actions to qualify geomarketing campaigns.

And if you are a target, why not use them to your advantage?

This is what we will talk about from now on, detailing the application of the concept in companies and how to do geomarketing successfully.

Come on?

What is geomarketing?

Geomarketing is an advanced marketing technique that privileges the location of the public for the definition of strategies.

Whether for disclosure, reputation enhancement, sales or any other objective, all actions are based on this aspect.

If you are familiar with the 4Ps concept of marketing , developed by guru Philip Kotler , you must imagine that the approach is restricted to the square P, which is precisely the one that takes into account the geographical aspects of the audience.

But make no mistake, because geomarketing is more than that, covering the famous concept in its entirety.

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What kind of product to offer?

At what price?

And how to promote it?

The answers to all these questions, so important in defining a marketing strategy , favor the information collected by technological tools.

From the analysis of geographic data, which gives rise to its name, geomarketing contributes to identify market trends, monitor competition and, thus, make more assertive decisions about campaigns.


The concept of geomarketing originated in the offline environment, with outbound marketing actions .

Initially, it was based on the study of a specific region and its public to define the installation of a company or store.

Therefore, he considered the preferences of a specific location to deliver a solution that aroused his interest, in the way he liked best and at a price that included his economic characteristics.

From then on, marketing actions became clearer, reaching the public through the most used channels.

All of that changed with the advance of the internet and smartphones, especially.

When you open a browser window, for example, you may have already noticed the prompt to identify your location.

This is an adjustment that you automatically authorize in several applications the moment you download it.

That is, there is no way to hide, even when performing a simple Google search.

So much so that the search engine itself identifies where you are to optimize the results most consistent with your search.

A practical example is when you are in São Paulo and looking for pizzerias. Even if you do not enter the name of the city, the search engine will return with options located in it – including, informing your distance from each one.

Like? He knows where you are.

This is geomarketing.

Why is geomarketing important?

geomarketing importance

To understand the importance of geomarketing, a brief provocation is worth.

What would you do if you knew your audience’s habits, where they are and where they go?

If you could find out which restaurants he has lunch at, what leisure programs he has and which establishments he visits, how useful would this information be for your business?

Think about.

That would be quite valuable data about your ideal customer ‘s profile , wouldn’t it?

It would be possible to optimize the marketing strategy, creating much more targeted campaigns, with tailor-made content.

After all, it is revealing information about consumer behavior .

The point is that all of this is not only possible, but it is likely that your competitor is already using geomarketing as a tool.

There are different ways to collect this data.

And with them in hand, your marketing efforts and investments tend to be cost-effective.

You can promote more accurate actions, spending less and having a higher return .

It is clear that learning to use geomarketing is very important, do you agree?

That’s what we’ll talk about in the next topic.

How to use geomarketing in your strategy?

There are different ways to use geomarketing to optimize a strategy.

In fact, whenever you have some geographic data on your audience and use it to qualify marketing actions, you are already using the technique.

Best of all, it is not necessary for your company to start collecting information.

Technology already does that for you.

So, to exploit the full potential of geomarketing, just know how to take advantage of opportunities.

Want to see?


This is the most basic, but no less efficient technique of geomarketing.

From there, you can set up an ad campaign on the web so that they reach a specific audience from your location.

In other words, if you have a company whose target audience is in Belo Horizonte and the surrounding area, it is based on geotargeting that your campaign is shown only to people in that region.

As stated, this is a basic feature, made available by any online ad platform, such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads .

In other words, this allows not to throw money away on marketing and advertising actions that disregard the public receiving the messages.

It is possible to segment by country, state, city and even neighborhood, in some cases, in addition to the desired distance radius of your establishment.

Custom site

Remember when we talked about the location request while browsing the internet?

The purpose of the website that places this order is to make your user experience more useful on the web by offering you tailored content.

The pizzeria example, which we mentioned earlier, applies here.

Obviously, this is a feature that depends on the user accepting the invitation to share their location.

In order for it to be sent, your website needs a specific geolocation application.

It is something that represents a zero degree of difficulty for web developers.

Still, it is worth remembering, personalized content will only reach the user if he wants to.

Depending on your business model, it can be quite useful.


Geomkt – Geofencing

Now, let’s talk about a slightly more advanced but also powerful feature as a geomarketing strategy.

Geofencing is a type of notification sent in real time, via a message on a cell phone or by email, for example.

What technology does in these cases is to monitor the consumer’s steps, literally.

As soon as he approaches the area of ​​interest, the notification is triggered.

You may have already been the target of this type of action promoted by Google, which uses the resource to inform about traffic or ask for an evaluation about a certain establishment you are visiting.

Geofencing is used by businesses that work through applications, as it is through it that location sharing is authorized and notification is sent.

A store can offer an exclusive discount or simply invite the customer to visit you as soon as he approaches it, for example.


Check-in is another action that depends on the user, but that can be encouraged by the business.

If you have a physical establishment, you favor a free disclosure whenever a consumer enters it and is present from your social network.

On Facebook, check-in is a widely used feature.

But how to encourage the public to take this step?

Many places condition the use of free Wi-Fi with check-in on Facebook.

In fact, the social network itself publishes a step by step to configure this option on your router (in English).

If you are creative, you can encourage check-in in other ways, such as offering a gift or a special discount, for example.


Since we talk about spontaneous and free disclosure, we cannot forget about geotagging.

It is nothing more than marking the location of a user on your social network.

When people visit a certain city, have dinner at a restaurant, shop at a mall, in short, they usually register a photo and, next to it, mention the location.

Why can’t your establishment be chosen for this?

The most popular form of geotagging happens from Facebook.

As in the case of check-in, to make use of this strategy, it is necessary to create a page in the Local Business category on that social network and then fill in all the address information.


Finally, let’s talk about a geomarketing technique popularized from Snapchat .

Geofilters can be inserted automatically in photos and videos of users from their location, identified by means of GPS.

For businesses, the tip is to create custom geofilters, which can be used when the public is at the establishment or even at an event.

Geomarketing solutions: when to hire?

What we have shown so far are very practical ways of using geomarketing, which consider social networks , websites and applications.

But if your business favors strategy, you can invest even more in it.

The market has companies that offer geomarketing solutions.

Among the products, there are data analysis and geo-market information, including demographic, consumption and economic indicators.

To do so, they use the potential of Big Data tools, which consists in the collection and interpretation of a giant volume of information.

Even maps can be presented and used as part of marketing planning .

Of course, as we are talking about an advanced geomarketing feature, it is not every type of business that makes use of it.

Its applications are mainly focused on companies with national operations or that use market intelligence to support decisions about expanding their activities, for example.

Another possibility is to integrate geomarketing information with other company processes, such as the CRM system itself , which manages the relationship with customers .

Geomarketing examples / practical applications

Geomkt examples

You have already discovered what geomarketing is and how to use it in favor of your business.

But to make everything even clearer, a good example always comes in handy.

We will now present cases of companies that already use geographic marketing to qualify decision making and process management.

The boticario

The cosmetics and perfumes company was one of the pioneers in using geolocation information to make strategic decisions.

More precisely, it draws on technology to help determine where its franchise network will expand.

In this case, geomarketing helps to optimize investment, preventing stores from being opened in order to compete with each other, or even in places with a forecast of low financial return.

It does not mean that two units cannot be installed on the same block, for example, as long as the data analysis identifies the need and the potential.

Customer concentration, competition and market presence are some of the factors taken into account.


Coca-Cola’s use of geomarketing in Brazil is already more advanced.

What the company does is to use geographic intelligence solutions, like the ones we highlighted earlier, to qualify process management.

It starts from a system that allows you to better manage sales, distributing your products to the respective areas of interest.

As you know, the Coca-Cola brand doesn’t just have the famous eponymous soft drink.

Even mineral water carries its stamp on the market.

Thus, it also makes use of geomarketing to target to each region what its audience wants.

Sebrae Radar

The Micro and Small Business Support Service (Sebrae), through its unit in Bahia, launched a very useful geomarketing tool for new entrepreneurs a few years ago.

From the Radar Sebrae website , business opportunities are mapped in 14 cities in Bahia.

Whoever wants to open a printing shop in Itabuna, for example, can either validate the business idea from the website, or define the best location for the enterprise on it.

The answers come after brief clicks.

In the example we used, the page returned with points of attention about the low number of complementary companies in the region, in addition to the existence of competing businesses, with the same profile, already installed nearby.


Geomkt pamphlets

Finally, we will present an example of the use of geomarketing that is already widely used by different sectors, much because it is an old practice.

The distribution of pamphlets is necessary for certain business models.

This is how it is in the real estate business for the launch of a particular development, for example.

The truth is that every company that makes use of promotional materials cannot simply invest in temporary labor and prints without determining as precisely as possible where to deliver them.

The question that geomarketing tools answer in this case is: where are the greatest chances of conversion ?

A data analysis can identify, for example, that a real estate launch has a greater potential to arouse consumer interest in a specific shopping center in the city.

So, that’s where the pamphlets should be taken, right?


You checked in this article what geomarketing is, its importance, how to use it and examples of applications.

This was a comprehensive guide on one of the most current techniques for connecting with your audience and delivering tailored content to them.

Take advantage of the tips that you read throughout to optimize your strategy.

Map your potential customers and focus your efforts on the places where there is the greatest chance of success.

Use what technology offers to get even better results.

And if your campaign is digital , don’t forget: a powerful landing page opens doors.

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