Visby Programs Scholarship

In this article we will discuss Visby programs scholarship. The Visby Programmer intends to establish a linked, knowledge-based, and research-intensive Baltic Sea region, with EU Eastern Partnership states and Russia as participants.

Visby programs scholarship

What exactly is the Visby program?

The Visby Program grants for master’s level studies are designed to promote gender equality and diversity among scholarship recipients. Visby programs scholarship, Applicants of any age or religious views are welcome to apply.

What is the Visby programs scholarship amount for?

The scholarship covers both the tuition cost (which the Swedish Institute pays directly to the Swedish university/university college) and living expenses up to SEK 9,000 per month.

What exactly is Sisgp?

In the Autumn semester of 2022, the Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals (SISGP), a new scholarship program that replaces the Swedish Institute Study Scholarships (SISS), will grant Visby programs scholarship to a wide range of master’s programs at Swedish universities.

Who is eligible for Visby programs scholarship?

The scholarships are designated for students who must pay tuition fees, according to information on the University Admissions webpage.

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The age of scholarship recipients is irrelevant.

A scholarship will be denied to a student who:

Prior to winning the scholarship, she had spent at least two years in Sweden.

In Sweden, you must have a permanent resident visa or a work permit.

has been awarded a Swedish Institute scholarship to study or conduct research in a Swedish university or university college at the master’s level. Students who have taken SI summer language courses or the Swedish Institute Summer University (SISU) and former SI Summer Academy for Young Professionals (SAYP) participants are still eligible to apply.

SI has already awarded him three scholarships or awards.

possesses a university or university college degree from Sweden

is currently studying at a Swedish university or university college.

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Qualifying programs Visby programs scholarship

For the 2016/2017 academic year, the original site has a list of qualified master’s programs (Click “Further official information” below the announcement). The programs were selected by the Swedish Institute based on their subject relevance to the SI Baltic Sea Region Cooperation.

Scholarship advantages and duration

The scholarship covers both tuition and living expenses up to SEK 9,000 per month (which the Swedish Institute pays directly to the Swedish university/university college).

The grant is offered for master’s programs that start in the fall semester (August/September) and last for the whole program term (one or two academic years).

Grants are not available to family members. The scholarship cannot be transferred to another university or degree program, nor can it be altered or extended beyond the study year of the degree program. Scholarship holders in the Visby Program enrolled in one-year master’s programs (60 credits) may apply for a scholarship extension to complete an unpaid internship in Sweden for up to 5 months beyond the usual program period.

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Travel assistance

Grant awardees receive a travel incentive in addition to their scholarship. The travel grant is a one-time payment based on the applicant’s citizenship and calculated by the scheme below. The money will also be used to finance the return flight. Students enrolling in a program lasting more than two semesters will earn an additional stipend after a midterm study outcome review.

Application procedure for Visby programs scholarship

Please keep in mind that in Swedish universities, the scholarship application is separate from the master’s program application. Make sure to submit your master’s program applications by the deadline of January 15, 2022., a nationwide online application service, is where you apply. Pay your application fee to University Admissions before the deadline of February 1, 2022 Please stay tuned to for any updates.

Once you’ve submitted your master’s program application, you’ll be given a seven-digit personal application number. This application number must be used when applying for a Swedish Institute scholarship.  A motivation letter, a letter of recommendation, and a Europa’s-style CV will be required as part of your scholarship application. These attachments can be completed well in advance of the scholarship deadline. Please note that only the most important attachments will be evaluated.

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People of all ages, genders, and religious faiths who can exhibit both academic aptitude and leadership potential are encouraged to apply to the Swedish Institute. The scholarship program aims to attract a diverse range of applicants.

Why do I have to pay an application fee for the Visby Programmer Scholarships?

Scholarships for the Visby Programmer 2022/20233: There is no application fee for a Swedish Institute scholarship.

You must, however, pay an application fee when enrolling for programs through University Admissions. Visby programs scholarship

If you do not pay the application fee by the deadline, your application to University Admissions will not be processed, and you will not be considered for a SI scholarship.

Please contact University Admissions if you have any questions concerning the application fee.

What is the procedure for paying the application fee?

Please contact University Admissions directly if you have any queries about the admissions process or the application cost.

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Is there a refund for the application fee?

No, there are no refunds.

Please keep in mind that the application fee has nothing to do with your scholarship application.

Is it necessary for me to notify the Swedish Institute after paying the fee?
You are not required to inform Them.

How do I find out what number my application is?

Scholarships for the Visby Programme 2022/20233: After submitting your master’s program application to University Admissions, you will be given a personal application number consisting of seven or eight numbers.

Go to and click “My pages” to find the number. Your application number is required when applying for a SI scholarship.

If you apply to the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) or any other qualified master’s program not handled by University Admissions, your scholarship application number should be seven or eight zeros (i.e. 00000000).

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I am currently residing in a country that does not qualify for a SI scholarship. Is it still possible to apply?

Scholarships for the Visby Programme 2022/20233: If your country of citizenship/nationality is on our list of targeted countries, you may apply.

Unless otherwise stated in the call for applications, it is not a requirement that you live in your home country or have completed your bachelor’s degree there.

Are there any bachelor’s degree scholarships available in SI?

No, SI does not offer scholarships for bachelor’s degree programs at this time.

 Program Scholarships for 2022/2023

The application date is June 10th, 2022. Scholarships for PhD and postdoctoral research are available.

Scholarships are provided to students who wish to pursue any of the institute’s programs.

The scholarship includes the following:

We pay the tuition costs to the Swedish university directly.

10,000 SEK per month in living expenditures

Every academic year, a 5,000 SEK travel grant is awarded

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English Language Requirements for Visby Program Scholarships

Applicants who do not speak English as their first language are usually required to demonstrate proficiency in English at the University’s higher level. Scholarships for the Visby Programmer 2022/20233

How to Apply for Scholarships in the Visby Programme in 2022/2023

Visby Programmer Scholarships 2022/20233 Invitation Letter: A letter of invitation as a visiting scholar from a Swedish university department is necessary.

Letter of invitation requirements

It is necessary to use the SI invitation letter template. 1997-2003 Microsoft Word

The letter of invitation must be current and represent the scholarship duration that is wanted.

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The letter of invitation must be signed by a professor or department head from a Swedish university. Scholarships for Visby Program

If the supplied letter of invitation is not signed, the application will not be processed.

What are the eligibility requirements for the Visby program?

You must be a citizen of an eligible nation and have verifiable proof of work experience to be eligible for the Visby Program. You must also complete the university admissions application process and be admitted to one of the qualified master’s programs on time.

Who is eligible to apply for the Visby scholarship?

The Visby Program grants for master’s level studies are designed to promote gender equality and diversity among scholarship recipients. Applicants of any age or religious views are welcome to apply. Please read the following information carefully before beginning your scholarship application.

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