Unique business ideas for high school students to make money

Looking for business ideas for college and high school students? Do you want to graduate from school without depending on anyone? Then you are in the right place, we will tell you what are the businesses to sell at school and earn extra money. Keep reading, here you will find the best ideas to sell in schools.

How to make money being a student

Education is expensive. Students must pay or purchase a number of things ranging from textbooks, handouts, field trips, research projects, internships, and even accommodation. The way to meet those costs is to start good business ideas for high school students.

Business opportunities for high school students

Unique business ideas for high school students

Are you a student, are you ready to start your own business? If the answer is yes, then here is a list of business ideas to sell at school and outside of it as well.

Meals at home

What can I sell to earn money at school? Undoubtedly, it is a business that is always in demand from many customers. Are you good at some kind of food? then you can start preparing different options and also make the home delivery.

The profit margins are very high so this business is very profitable. One piece of advice, if you make typical meals from a region or location, you will make a difference.


As a college student, you are probably particularly good at one or two subjects. You are going to make a lot of money by offering to instruct others who have problems with those subjects, especially if they are foundational subjects that students must pass before promotion or graduation. One of the best business ideas for college students that you can start to make money.

Professional orientation

If you have good communication skills, you can meet with recruiters and employers at the career center on campus to learn what they are looking for in job seekers. Then you can become a professional coach and advisor by simply leaking these secrets to other students, without a doubt they are things to sell at school and create a profitable business.

Sports training

If you are a good athlete, consider starting a personal sports training service aimed at instructing other students who are interested in becoming qualified athletes. You can employ these student businesses in a facility at the college or a local fitness facility outside of college.

Event promotion

Most college students love parties. Therefore, with these business ideas for college students, you can make a decent income if you know how to promote parties and get the best arguments and events. You can also organize shows with well-known vocalists and artists.

Approach for international students

If your university accepts students from other countries who have never lived in your country for a long time, you can start an integration service for international students. Such students find the campus environment overwhelming, and may find it difficult to blend in with the new system.

If you like meeting new people, for these business ideas for college you can set up a hospitality or familiarization program for international students. You can cooperate with the student affairs office at your school or run your college business independently.

Business ideas for students with low investment

Graphic design

If you have a singular knack for creative design and are terrific at it, you can start innovative ideas for students with a graphic design business. You can offer your services for both students and university professors who want to embellish their research and also reports.

With these business ideas for high school students you can earn ancillary income. You can do this by designing banners for events, college occasions, and designing anniversary and holiday greeting cards.

Independent writing

Unique business ideas for high school students

If you’re really good with words, then you can start a freelance writing service with these business ideas for college students. This would imply the handling of writing tasks for the clients of the service, not colleagues, due to the fact that this is unethical and is against the rules in almost all schools and universities.

In this venture, you can connect with customers of the service through the Internet by registering an account with independent outsourcing sites.

You can start a blog to market your writing services and promote your business in online discussion forums and on social media. The writing tasks that you will handle for clients of the service include articles, blog posts, ebooks, sales copies, press releases, business proposals, and so on.

Barber Shop

You can start serving as a hairdresser. Everyone loves to look good, and good hair care is one of those factors that improves overall appearance. So, you’re going to make a ton of cash with your colleagues by starting these business ideas for college students.

Baby sister

Working-class moms always and at all times need babysitters to take care of their children while they work or run their businesses. You can take advantage of this opportunity by becoming a babysitter and earning auxiliary income to support yourself through college.

Event planning

There are a number of events on campus, from student parties to awards nights, registrations, and calls. You can offer your services and help in planning such events and charge for this.

While getting started can be challenging as you will need to be able to persuade backers that you can handle the job perfectly. You can offer to do the first few jobs for free and start getting paid when you’ve proven yourself to be a great event organizer.

Residential and commercial cleaning

As a student, you can also earn money cleaning other people’s houses or offices. Most people are often too busy to clean their homes or offices, thus simply outsourcing these services to other people. You can take hours each day of study and take on cleaning jobs to help you earn ancillary income.

Fitness trainer

Our society has made being in shape a necessity, quite a few people seek to be in shape each and every day. Not everyone has the time to visit a gym and would gladly pay for a personal fitness instructor to come into their homes and train them. If you are passionate about sports, you can become a fitness trainer and earn a decent income.

Pet grooming

DIY business ideas for students

Everybody loves a clean and good smelling pet, most people don’t know how to groom their pets or they just don’t like making them themselves. You can become a pet groomer and make extra income from it. You will be asked to bathe your pets, trim their hair, and occasionally take them out for clean air and exercise.

Photography and video

Unique business ideas for high school students

Students love to capture precious moments in photographs and there are chances of earning good money if you are a good photographer. You can also record campus events live on videotape and sell them for a fee.

Grocery delivery

As a student, you can make money as a part-time chef or by making prepackaged meals and selling them to other students.


You can earn a lot of money helping students fix their clothes.

Dance and music classes

If you are really good at dancing or you play any instrument, you can become a music or dance instructor. These can be business ideas for college students that do not require investment.


Do you enjoy gardening, trimming lawns, and beautifying houses? Quite a few people wouldn’t mind paying you to help them maintain their beautiful homes and gardens.

Sell ​​ebooks

How to earn money through business ideas for high school student? As a student, there are going to be topics that you will be passionate about and you will be able to make money writing e-books about them to sell on the Internet. Writing books would not cost you money, but rather a bit of your time and energy, this can be done easily as well as study.

When writing your e-book, you should be sure to look for essential keywords in that niche and use them so that people can easily locate your e-book using web search engines. This is one of the business ideas for college students that needs minimal capital.

Online business ideas for high school students

Unique business ideas for high school students

Develop mobile applications

Mobile applications are really cool right now and many companies as well as individuals are hiring people to create mobile applications for them. Do you have programming skills? So you can make money as a student by creating mobile apps and publishing them with these college entrepreneurship ideas.

Start a blog

You can create a blog and start writing about topics that you are passionate about. All you need to get started is your computer and Internet connection. If you write well and earn a lot of blog traffic, you can make money with Google AdSense or other third-party propaganda agents.

It is one of many business ideas for college students that can generate passive income.

Affiliate marketing

What an affiliate marketer does is help promote other companies’ products and services to earn commissions on sales. You will need a good knowledge of web marketing, sales writing, and pay-per-click marketing to transform yourself into an affiliate marketer for these young student business ideas.

Freelance writing

You can provide writing services to those who need it and are paid for it.

Virtual assistance services

Unique business ideas for high school students
Unique business ideas for high school students

Many busy professionals would not mind getting auxiliary help to read their emails, answer questions, organize assemblies and work for them without hiring a secretary or personal assistant. Too many people prefer to hire a virtual assistant who would work from home.

You can transform yourself into a virtual assistant and offer such services as long as you have a computer with a great internet connection for these college student business ideas.

Business ideas for students Philippines

Resume writing

If you are great at presenting words and also information, you can help people write your resume in a way that attracts employers and gets paid.

Accounting services

If you are really good at accounting, you can become an accountant and offer accounting services to businesses and individuals online.

Website design and change

As a student, you can enter site design and receive payment for this reason. You can also purchase undeveloped sites, develop them, and then sell them for a fee.

Search engine optimization (seo) jobs

Companies or business owners are always and at all times looking for ways to place their businesses in the first places of search engines such as Google and Bing. You can make money by helping companies improve their website rankings.

Translation and transcription service

As a student, you can offer language translation services. If you’re great in a second language, you can help people translate documents from that language into English or the other way around. There are also many occasions for transcription services on the web. Transcription involves transforming the engraving into written text.


You can organize online seminars known as webinars and share your ideas on a particular topic that people would be interested in while charging attendance fees with these business ideas for college students.

Online dietitian

Quite a few people are looking for ways to eat healthy to prevent diseases in the future and diet plans to lose weight online. You can make money selling weight loss meal plans or nutritional guides to people online.

Property search service

You can offer property finder services to other students seeking accommodation or even non-students. You will need to search for vacant houses and list them on your site so that people who need that type of accommodation can contact you. However, you are going to have to raise awareness for your site through brochure printing and inform as many people as possible.

Most college student business ideas that start small turn out to be big profits, and the best thing about such businesses is that young people can run them from the comfort of their homes.

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