Traffic: what it is and how to apply the 6 types on your pages

Traffic is the blood in the veins of your internet business. Without it, the heart of your business is sure to stop beating.

Because without traffic, you are invisible on the internet.

Without traffic, your audience doesn’t know you exist. Your landing pages do not receive access. You don’t capture new leads.

And it doesn’t matter if your product or service is the best in the world. What is not seen, is not remembered.

You need to invest in traffic if you want the heart of your business to keep beating for a long time.

You need to get your audience to reach your landing pages. Be it the capture page, the sales page or the institutional page of your company.

Does not matter.

What matters is that you need to be seen.

Generating traffic is the way to succeed on the internet.

If you apply the strategies that I will talk about in the next lines, you will have all the tools at hand to increase your lead and customer conversion rates and become a reference in the market.

Because a landing page with high traffic is more likely to have credibility in the market .

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Read this article to the end to see the 6 types of traffic you need and keep track of the number of visitors to your landing pages going up like never before.

You will also see if there is a better and more efficient type of traffic than the others.

Start right now and reap the rewards of having a landing page with lots of visitors.

What is Traffic?

Imagine that you are a great scientist and you have just made an incredible discovery. The kind that can improve people’s lives like never before.

You need to share your discovery with the world right now.

But when you go out on the street, there is no one. You walk without stopping and don’t see a soul around.

You try to scream your discovery out loud to see if anyone hears it.

It’s no use. Nobody comes.

And you are alone. Your great discovery is worthless if you have no one to listen.

It is more or less the same thing that happens when your landing page has no traffic. Because traffic is the audience that accesses your page.

It is who has an interest in what you are saying or offering.

Whether to consume content, sign up for a course, buy your product or service.

Without traffic, you are invisible on the internet. It’s like you don’t exist. Because nobody sees you.

You can be the top of the line in that area. If there’s no one to listen to you, it’s no use.

If your landing pages don’t have visitors, they won’t convert. Then your digital marketing strategy goes down the drain.

Traffic is the blood in the veins of those who have a digital business. Without it, your business dies.

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But just as there are different types of veins in our bodies, there are also different types of traffic.

And each one has a different objective and brings you different results, as I will show you now.

1. Organic traffic

If you are now reading this article, it means that my organic traffic strategy is working.

You probably made it to the Nairalanceblog because you researched traffic and fell here.

Everything in an organic way. You opened my article because you wanted to. Without me having to knock on your door and ask you to read it.

You can already see what organic traffic is when the public arrives at your content without you having to upload campaigns or pay for it.

It is an inbound marketing strategy , that is, when the public is more active and comes after you.

In practice, the most common way this happens is through search engines.

The guy goes there on Google, types in the question or problem he wants to solve and clicks on the results he finds interesting.

Whoever wants to generate organic traffic needs to get involved in producing high quality and consistent content.

And apply SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) techniques to landing pages , because that is what increases the chances of your pages appearing on the first page of Google searches.

Nonso, but why is it important for my content to go to the first page of Google?

Simply because 94% of users don’t make it past the first page.

It’s too much. So being on the first page is what increases the chances of your audience reaching you.

That is why it is so important to invest in strategies to get there.

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When you generate organic traffic to your page, you attract a high-quality audience.

Because it is a group more focused on the product or service you offer. Since that audience went after your content.

He’s interested in the subject.

That is why organic traffic is so effective in attracting leads at the top of the sales funnel , that is, they do not yet know your product or service.

Your content will help educate this audience and take them to the next stages of the funnel.

In addition, as long as your content is live it will continue to generate results for your organic traffic strategy.

Your article from 5 years ago can still generate traffic and bring new leads to your business.

Organic traffic also has a larger share of total traffic, as 93% of traffic comes from search engines.

Only there are some cons you need to know.

The results come in the long run.

It takes months for you to know if your organic traffic strategy is working or not. So you need to plan everything very well to avoid surprises in the future.

As it takes time, it shouldn’t be your only source of traffic. But, after everything I said, it is very clear that you can not fail to invest in organic traffic.

2. Paid traffic

Organic traffic and paid traffic work like yin yang.

The two are opposites, but they complement each other.

While in organic you don’t pay for your audience to reach you and it takes months to get a return on your investment , in paid traffic it is the opposite.

You invest money in campaigns and the return on your investment comes immediately. That is, you get results faster.

In paid traffic, you go after the public. Not him who comes after you.

This is part of an outbound marketing strategy, which is when the company takes the first step to capture more leads.

The two best known platforms for making a successful paid traffic strategy are Google Ads and Facebook Ads .

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And your campaigns can be:

• Focusing on keywords relevant to your business, on sponsored links on Google;

• Focused on the profile of the target audience, in sponsored posts on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube;

• On banners on other pages.

In paid traffic you can choose how you want to pay for your ads.

For example, there is the PPC option where you only pay if someone clicks on your ad, which the marketing crowd calls CPC – Cost Per Click .

And this is very good for your business. Because it’s not like a billboard or a television ad that you spend without making sure someone saw it.

Here you only pay when someone sees, gets interested and clicks on your ad.

Now, just like in a television advertisement, your ad will only remain on the air for as long as you are paying.

When you stop investing in the campaign, it ceases to exist and does not generate results. Unlike organic traffic that continues to generate results for an indefinite period.

Another thing you need to pay attention to is the type of audience you attract with paid campaigns.

Rule number one before opening the wallet is to segment your audience.

Because if you don’t target, your campaign will reach people who don’t have the slightest interest in your brand.

And then you throw money down the drain.

So, invest in ads only after targeting your audience to reach those who really matter.

Paid traffic doesn’t stop there. It has several details that you need to know.

3. Referral traffic

If you have already followed the Nairalanceblog, you may have noticed that we put several links in all articles.

We do this to enrich the content and show the source of the information that is given.

Every time links are placed in the texts, referral traffic to these pages is at the same time.

Because referral traffic is when your landing pages appear in the content of another website.

You can partner to strengthen your business’s referral traffic and gain more authority and visibility.

For example.

Your business is an English course. You can search for blogs or YouTube channels on trips abroad to partner and increase your brand reach.

Then, this blog promotes you and in return you can promote it too.

It is very simple to understand how powerful referral traffic is for your business.

Because just think a little about how people work.

A friend tells you something, be it a restaurant, a bar, a skin product, a course, in short.

You will most likely follow his lead.

It is the mental trigger of authority.

When someone you trust tells you something, it works. Because that person has a lot of credibility for you.

This is what happens when someone indicates your brand.

Another advantage of referral traffic is that it gives organic traffic a boost.

Because if other pages are referring you, talking about you, the search engines understand that your content is relevant.

And they are interested in relevant content appearing first.

Then what happens is that your positioning on Google improves (and you increase the chances of appearing on the first page).

You can do this type of traffic organically or for a fee.

It can be a free partnership, in the style of exchanging favors. The other page shows you, you return the favor.

Or as it is done here on the Nairalanceblog, I publish some pages because I think it is relevant.

Now, it can be paid in the sense that you pay for that website or channel to talk about you.

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Which one to choose only depends on your goal and your resources.

4. Direct traffic

This is the kind of traffic of dreams.

Because you don’t need to boost campaigns like paid traffic or produce content following SEO rules like organic traffic.

You also don’t depend on other pages advertising your business.

Everything happens in a very organic way. Because in direct traffic, the public takes the first step.

I’ll give you an example.

When you search for something on the internet, you probably use Google.

Each time you open the Google page to do your research, you are generating direct traffic to it.

As well?

Direct traffic is when you type the address of that page in the browser or save it in your favorites.

Then you go straight to the page, without intermediaries.

That’s why, when you go to Google to search for something, you’re generating direct traffic to it.

Direct traffic is about loyalty. Why do you go on Google and not on any other search engine?

Probably because you are a loyal customer.

You didn’t become faithful out of nowhere. It’s the same with your audience.

The best way to retain the public so that they reach that level of going straight to your page is to invest heavily in your company’s branding .

Because when you work well with the strength of your brand, direct traffic is a consequence.

The strength of your brand is critical to increasing direct traffic to your landing page.

And when the public reaches that level, it means that they are very qualified to buy your product or service and convert into a customer.

Working on your branding does not mean focusing only on the internet.

You can bring audiences from the offline world to the online world by advertising your landing pages in lectures or in-person courses, business cards, billboards.

How you do this depends only on your marketing planning and the goals you want to achieve.

5. Social traffic

I’ll be very direct with you. Your brand needs to be on social media if you want to have a successful business.

Because more than 3.2 billion people use social networks worldwide.

The Facebook is a social networking site number of today and currently has more than 2 billion users .

If you want your audience to reach you, you can’t ignore these numbers at all.

The best way to use social media to push traffic to your page is very simple: advertising your landing page on networks.

Be it Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest. The thing is to disclose.

Because you can’t publish a landing page with an offer or digital bait and expect people to magically come to the page.

The biggest advantage of social traffic is the chance of your content going viral. When this happens, you may be surprised at how many people will access your pages.

That is, social traffic brings visibility to your landing page.

Another thing is the quality of the audience that comes from social networks.

If the guy accompanies you there, it means that he is interested in what you have to say.

This guy is much more heated and inclined to convert into a customer than someone who comes to your page through organic traffic, for example.

But not everything is perfect.

This traffic strategy has two disadvantages.

• It can bring an audience nothing to do with your business.

• Viralizing content is not that easy.

The first disadvantage is that when the content goes viral, it doesn’t just appear to the audience that you target.

It appears to basically everyone.

And there are a lot of people there who have nothing to do with their ideal client.

The second disadvantage has to do with the scope of your content. If you do not want to boost social media campaigns, it will be more difficult to reach many people.

Another thing: to go viral, the content usually has to be very flashy.

And then many companies slip on the banana, because they post lies, sensational content just to reach a large audience.

This only damages the brand credibility.

When you invest in social traffic, don’t forget to always be very honest with the content you publish.

As with other types of traffic, you can do it in an organic or paid way.

That is, without boosting your publications or pushing to reach more people.

6. Email marketing traffic

The e-mail is a goldmine of your business.

It is no secret that I advocate that you use email as the primary means of communicating with your leads and customers.

Because of online adults, 92% have an email account.

It is the easiest and safest way to contact them. You can make the right offers to the right people at the right time.

Because those who buy products or services promoted by e-mail spend 138% more than those who do not receive this type of communication.

So it makes perfect sense to use this tool to generate traffic to your landing page.

Be it promoting new rich materials or launching your product or service.

When you generate traffic through email, you bring more qualified leads.

Because those coming from the email are people who have already given you permission to communicate with them. Which means they are people who are interested in your brand.

That is, they are easier to convert into customers.

What is the best type of traffic for my business?

You probably expect me to give a definitive answer.

But the truth is, I’m not going to do that.

Because the fact is that there is no better type of traffic than the other. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

As you saw in this article, each one has a goal and attracts a specific audience.

Therefore, there is no way to choose a better one.

Nonso, but can I choose just one to use? What did I like the most, for example?

I’m not going to say whether you can or not, because that’s your decision.

What I say for sure is that you should not use just one type of traffic in your digital marketing strategy .

Because it’s like you only eat beans every day, nothing more.

Beans are great and have many health benefits. But it cannot meet all the nutrient needs your body has.

If you do not vary the menu, you may have problems due to a lack of other nutrients.

It is the same with your business.

Choosing just one type of traffic and investing all your chips in it will limit your brand growth.

The perfect strategy is to use all the types I told you about in this article. Because each has a goal, it attracts audiences at different stages of the sales funnel and brings specific results.

What you need to keep in mind is that you need to generate traffic for your business.

The more types of traffic you use, the richer and healthier that blood will be.

And more results you will get.


If you’ve made it this far, you know you can’t help but invest in traffic. Because without traffic your business is invisible on the internet.

And if your audience doesn’t reach you, there’s no way for them to convert into customers and buy your product or service.

In this article you saw the 6 types of traffic indispensable for the success of your business.

You also saw that there is no better and more important type of traffic for you to invest.

They all complement each other. One gives the other a little push.

If you invest in all of them, you multiply the chances of capturing more leads, converting more customers and keeping your portfolio full.

One thing is for sure: traffic is the blood in your business veins.

Now don’t forget to tell me in the comments if you still didn’t know any of the types of traffic I talked about in this article.

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