Best things to sell in school to make money (guaranteed)

Do you have to help pay for your studies or do you have to pay for it entirely? Isn’t the money your parents giving you enough to indulge yourself? Do you want to go out with your friends, with the girl or boy that you like or buy the fashionable cell phone and you cannot afford it? This all sounds familiar to you, right?

More and more young people find themselves in situations of this type, they want to study but do not have the necessary financial resources to go to secondary school or university. Thinking about this, we have brought you a whole guide of original things to sell in school.

Do not care anymore! Bringing things to sell in high school or college is an alternative that can help you achieve your academic aspirations and in the process will help you have extra money that in these times are enlarged.

If you don’t know what things to sell, take into account that there are easy things and cheap things to sell at school, just read carefully and choose what suits you best.

What are good things to sell in high school to make money.

Electronic items : they are very useful at this time and can always be needed in a school environment in case of emergency, for example : cables and chargers, memory cards, pen drives, among others that you may consider important or useful.

Electronic items – things to sell in school

School supplies or stationery : these are things that can be easily sold because they are for daily use and must be renewed or they can be lost, among the most common we have : pencils and pens, markers, stickers or labels, notebooks, yellow folders, rulers, tape, rubber, cardboard among others.

Candy : there is no person who can resist the sweet and salty taste of a good candy. Here you will have an unlimited range of possibilities, from lollipops, fruit candies, milk or menthol, chewing gum, nougat, tamarind candies, cookies, chocolates, to chips, plantains, pork rinds etc

Food: many people leave their home in a hurry and with an empty stomach. So an appetizing breakfast can come in handy for your classmates or teachers, whether it be rolls, buns, sandwiches, accompanied by a rich coffee or hot chocolate. Listen to the requests and tastes of those interested.

Coffee or tea : taking a thermos with an exquisite coffee or some aromatic tea to your school can leave you a very good sales, because they are very irresistible between meals and especially in the afternoon hours.

Pastry : You can please the palate of your customers and bring different desserts everyday. Various cakes, cupcakes, sponge cakes, donuts, cheese, flan, jellies French toast, muffins, marzipan

Ice creams : make delicious homemade ice creams in glasses, ideal for hot days. Your clients will enjoy your fruit Popsicles (coconut-strawberry), vanilla, arequipe gum, oreo or chocolate.

Medical products : why not have some pills on hand for pain, fever, general malaise or an upset stomach. There will always be someone who may need it.

Homemade whole grain bars: nowadays there are many people who are inclined towards health, so it is a good idea to make your own bars that contain nuts ( peanuts, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts,) flaxseed, oats, sesame, grapes and raisin. You can mix them with honey or chocolate. Surely you will sell them all.

Accessories : accessories for women are a market niche that has a lot of outlet, you can equip yourself with costume jewelry (earrings, bracelets, necklaces, hooks, rings…), other accessories such as hair tails, purses, bags, linings for cell phones. You can buy them and earn a percentage for the sale or you can make them yourself.

Beauty items : another niche that is in great demand are beauty and care products for girls, makeup (shadows, lipsticks, pencils, powder and foundation…), make up brushes and cases to store these accessories.

Cards : You can take advantage of special occasions to sell original greeting cards, be it birthdays, love and friendship, encouragement and enthusiasm among other varieties of models with striking motifs and designs.

Caricatures: If drawing is your thing, you can take advantage of this talent by making and offering among your acquaintances some good drawings, caricatures of potential clients or well-known characters from politics, entertainment, heroes or cartoons. If you manage to impact and please your customers, you can do very well.

Underwear : they are garments that are always being needed and renewed, boxers, blummers, bras and stockings. You can take some samples and then make deliveries on request.

Cigars : Only for adults. Although it is somewhat harmful to health, in college education cigarettes can be very commercial. Each person will be responsible for their decisions and must find the ideal space to consume them.

Other ideas of things to sell

One way to obtain extra income is to use your knowledge and skills to offer some additional services that may be of interest and become very useful for your classmates, for example: Doing homework for your friends (work, research, models, sheets … ), you can also offer your services as a personal tutor of mathematics, languages ​​or another area that you master.

Recommendations to sell things at school market day.

things to sell in school

Bringing things to sell at school is something totally bearable with your school activity and can be very comforting on everything from the point of view of the benefits that you can obtain, however, it is important that you take some precautions before starting.

(1. The first thing you should do is ask permission from the management staff of the institution to use the school facilities for sale. Only then can you be sure that you will not encounter some restrictions.

(2. Organize your time. Do not mix academic hours with sales activities, limit sales for free hours or breaks.

(3. Provide the utensils you will need to move the merchandize (box or drawer, wine cellar, thermos, basket or bag)

(4. It would be convenient to do a mini survey to find out the preferences of your classmates, teachers and workers, about what they would like to see sold on the spot.

(5. If it is food, follow all the recommendations for hygiene and food preservation.


It is not something new to bring things to sell within the college or school, many people do it and get good results. Your success will depend on the originality and ingenuity of your products.

Things to sell, you can buy and resell or make yourself. Things that can have good profitability and that can be sold easily, here is the key.

Bring a variety of things, different models, colors, flavors, prices … so you can please everyone in their different demands and tastes. Another secret, become popular, be kind, communicative and attentive with your audience.

Finally and very importantly, take care of the presentation of your products. Each item in its respective package, with a visible price and, if possible, display them in a presentable and clean container.

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