Teenage lawn mowing business

Teenage lawn mowing business -best tips on how to start.

One of the limitations of starting a new business is generally represented by achieving a balance between the investment and the payment time of the same. Sometimes the initial investment exceeds our monetary availability and we have to get involved with lines of credit that immediately place a financial burden on us.

Given this situation, many of us began to think that we could undertake a business in which the investment is minimal and that in the short term is self-sustaining and does not require money that sometimes we do not have.

Well, one of those businesses with good profitability, low investment and fast return is the teenage lawn mowing business which entails mowing and maintenance of lawns and gardens.

Lawn mowing business tips

The cutting and maintenance of lawns and gardens refers, as its name indicates, to the activities that entail maintaining a garden in optimal presentation conditions.

As is well known, a well-kept garden or lawn adds value to the property and is a characteristic element of prosperity and well-being of the people who live or work in that direction.

In more than one opportunity I imagine, you have been impressed by the beauty of the gardens of a house or business, however few have thought of the great work or effort that someone makes to maintain that condition.

This is where the lawn and garden cutting and maintenance business is, but let’s see how good this business can be:

In the first instance I indicate that this is a business that reaches astronomical investment figures where more than 60 billion dollars are spent annually in the United States only by property owners. This is a recession proof business as the grass continues to grow day by day and someone must take action to maintain it.

If we add to this the fact that every day more and more people are entering the world of work and cannot maintain their own green spaces, this forces them to hire the service. Now, you may wonder how good that business can be for you and what part of these 60 billion can correspond to me.

Then let me clarify that if you start this teenage lawn mowing business and obtain an average of 30 regular and recurring clients during a year, these services could represent you in the form of part-time dedication of $ 20,000 to $ 50,000 per year. Certainly a great incentive to start such a business.

How to run a lawn mowing business

Teenage lawn mowing business

(1. The business:

The business of cutting and maintenance of lawn and gardens has the particularity that you can start it and give it the size that you think is due to the fact that the clients or who you are going to serve is determined by you.

So if you want you can schedule a number of weekly jobs or if you decide not to work a particular day well that is your choice, that is your freedom and the freedom that this type of business provides you.

Of course staying available to your clients will bring you greater financial success and that is what you as an entrepreneur should focus on. Financial success coupled with customer satisfaction.

Some of the so-called experts suggest that to start the business you must have an affinity with garden care, like planting trees or taking care of your own garden and like being in contact with nature or working in hot environments, I particularly think that although you are characteristics are positive for this business are not limiting. I believe that to be successful in any endeavor you have to work, work hard and intelligently.

This business lends itself to this type of action and is not limited by whether or not we like the activity. The activity like any other is learned and dedication to it generates satisfaction when achieving a job well done.

Taking consistency as the basis for success in any business, you must first determine how you want to start your lawn and garden mowing and maintenance business, whether full time or part time. To be on the safe side, I suggest transitioning from part-time to full-time work.

Thus you can learn management while optimizing your management and knowing how to put a price on your work. Take an interest in learning as much about the lawn and garden business as you can.

Enlighten yourself through the internet, read specialized magazines, learn about plants, pests, garden equipment and tools in short, take your time to learn about the field you are now entering and do it in an informative way, it is not necessary to learn the teachings to the letter, rather you must have a cursory knowledge of the activity and you will surely will serve as the basis for this activity.

In the execution of the work and basically in the day to day You will learn the rest by applying what you read. It is a job where experience teaches you and the execution educates you.

Once you have obtained a technical or literary basis for lawn and garden mowing and maintenance work, you should focus on creating a business or legalizing your company in formats such as a sole proprietorship or a limited liability company.

It will also be necessary to apply for a business license. I should tell you that although legalizing your business is necessary, you could delay this stage and do it later as the business grows if you are not generating more than a certain amount of monthly income, this could be consulted with your city or county beforehand.

(2. Equipment

Teenage lawn mowing business

Lawn mowing companies are characterized by offer of a wide range of services. You have to decide exactly what services your company will offer and make sure that you have the skills and equipment to perform the same.

Having commercial lawn mowing equipment can help make your business more productive and profitable. The right equipment can not only help you get the job done faster, but it can also help you conserve your energy.

As indicated above, you can start the teenage lawn mowing business at the scale you want depending on your investment capacity. The business is so flexible that you could start it in your own neighborhood with your current lawn mower offering basic lawn mowing services. You could even transport the mower in an SUV or small vehicle.

However, it is also necessary to bear in mind that the inexpensive mowers that are generally used for the care of the lawn of a house are not very useful when doing major work since they are not designed for that purpose.

In other words, a mower that is not for commercial use can often fail you, so I recommend using it only until you get the money that allows you to buy a commercial mower.

The ideal walk-behind commercial mowers are easy to maneuver and are suitable for most residential lawns. You can purchase a small wheeled platform called a ‘velke’ that is capable of being attached to a commercial mower allowing the operator to be carried by the mower instead of having to push. For large grasslands and commercial contracts you will need a ZTR (zero turn radius) mower.

I recommend that you take your time when buying the cutter, see options but above all, tell the seller of this equipment what you need it for and, above all, ask about durability, reliability of the equipment and availability of spare parts.

Once you have purchased the cutter and to transport the amount of equipment and tools necessary to carry out a professional cutting operation, you will need a truck or Pick up to transport and mobilize materials.

The truck in turn must contain spare parts for cutters, sets of blades, Small air pump. (with cigarette lighter adapter), complete set of tools, clipper thread spool, gas and expense bill envelope.

Ledger for recording expenses (Most of your expenses are tax deductible.). You will also need a trailer of at least 8 feet long to transport lawn mowers and trash from the activity.

Depending on the job you have to do, you should wear safety glasses, hearing protection, sunscreen, and a pair of steel-toed work boots to protect your feet. Gloves can also help you get a better grip on gear handles, especially when your hands are sweaty.

A debris bag (for collecting cut grass), an edger to neatly finish lawn edges, a wheelbarrow, a fan or blower (for leaves and cut grass), and a measuring wheel should all be considered.

To keep yourself and your employees looking neat and professional you should consider donning some uniforms. A branded shirt and cap will make a good impression on your customers.

Finally, for your business office you will have to consider buying furniture, a PC, a printer, a telephone, an answering machine, a copier, a fax and stationery.

Once the equipment is obtained, it is time to determine the costs to be charged for your service.

(3. How Much Does Lawn Mowing And Maintenance Cost?

Cost of Teenage lawn mowing business

Certainly one of the vital aspects of the lawn mowing business is knowing how much to charge for the service. For many new entrepreneurs this tends to put them off starting their business and even discourages them from starting it.

However let me tell you that this is one of the simplest facets of the business. At the same time, I must emphasize that although easy, only the execution of the activity and the experiences that you obtain when performing the service is where you will derive the expertise to put the price on your work.

At the moment, while you get that experience, we can tell you that normally these jobs are charged either on an hourly rate or per activity footage. If you are new to the lawn mowing business, it is recommended that you choose the hourly charge for your service.

To do this, you can initially obtain a reference price by calling a local company and requesting a quote for a particular job. Make for less after calls and get three quotes to get an hourly cost estimate for this service.

Another more advanced method is to charge per square meter based on formulas. This requires some experience in the environment. Thus having certainty of the prices you can quote as for example the cost per 1000 square feet to cut grass, or to fertilize 1000 square feet, or the cost per linear square meter to cut a hedge.

Anyway, again when starting it is recommended that you charge by the hour.

Already knowing how to charge and with the equipment at hand we must get potential customers for which we must advocate for the marketing of our business.

(4. Marketing and advertising

Advertising your business is a vital aspect of getting your business established. For this you can use several methods where it is recommended:

• Advertising Via The Web:

Making use of the Internet is a very effective way to promote your business and attract customers. Having a company website will give your existing clients a more professional perspective, and will give you the opportunity to reach thousands of people who surf the web.

There are many classified ad sites like Craigslist and relevant local directories where you can list the service for free or for a small fee.

You can also exchange links with other websites of similar services of interest, that is, of the home or of court companies that serve the market of companies and residential houses

• Newspapers and magazines

You can run your ad in your local newspaper. This will reach the readers of your city with which you could achieve new business and improve your profile among your current customers.

Magazines, although expensive, can also be a good advertising option in the sense that one can choose a specialized magazine that reaches a specific audience (a local garden magazine, for example).

• Business Directory (Yellow Pages)

Business directories such as the yellow pages are often the first place when searching for service providers. These clients are willing to buy and usually only call one to three companies before making a decision on which ones they want to hire. It is essential that your ad stands out from the others so that you can get calls.

• Flyers and brochures.

Another form of advertising your business can be the printing of brochures or flyers which you can post at hardware stores, plant nurseries, or your local grocery store.

(5. Branding and labeling

Branding of Teenage lawn mowing business

It is highly recommended that in order to advertise your lawn mowing business, have the logo and / or identification of your business printed on your vehicles and on your work uniforms as well as on the equipment, in order to also obtain potential customers.

• The media:

Radio and television advertising can be very expensive, but it could be worth every penny spent. Hundreds of people will hear your announcement through these channels. Try to participate in radio shows that refer to your type of business and promote your company.

• Contests and Promotions:

Call a contest for each person who signs a new contract. Prizes may include free services or other types of gifts. This promotion can be placed in your local supermarket or on the doors of the garages of the houses. Your business will certainly be talked about in a neighborhood that does this type of advertising.

• Customer calls:

Another way to make a good impression is by calling houses or businesses in your area. Try to make an appointment to introduce yourself, but if that is not possible, be sure to introduce yourself and explain that you would like to leave your business card with them in case they need to mow your home in the future.

• Payment for referrals:

Offer your existing customers a reward for every new customer that signs up as a result of their referral and referrals. It could be cash or a discount on your service or whatever you think encourages your customer to make the effort.

• Contact your business counterparts:

Try to establish good relationships with service companies in your area, such as pool maintenance companies, pest control, house cleaning services, and window cleaners. Talk to them about a referral system with which each of you can pass the other’s service card to your existing clients.

There you have it on how to start a teenage lawn mowing business. Make the decision to start one of these businesses. Do it according to your budget availability and time available, but start even on a small scale, I assure you that in a short time you will have your reward. Lucky!

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