Service Marketing: meaning, features, 8 P’s and how to do it

Service marketing can boost your results.

But how do you make sure that happens?

Your question deserves an answer and that is what we will discuss in this article.

If the concept of service marketing is still not entirely clear to you, don’t worry.

We will explain and move forward on service marketing strategies.

If you work in the service sector and want to convince the customer that you offer the best solutions for their needs, it is important to stay connected.

We have prepared a material with everything you need to know to put the actions into practice and stand out in the market.

You will learn about the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, in addition to seeing details about the 8 P’s of service marketing, a true guide to a successful strategy.

Good reading!

What are services?

The term services originates from the idea of ​​serving, of meeting someone else’s need, performing a certain task.

Therefore, there are transport, education, food, telephone services, among others.

Although they belong to different areas, they carry the same performance characteristics.

It is different from an asset that can be touched. In services, the “product” is more related to the user experience provided by him.

In other words, it is taking a course, hiring a telephone plan, having lunch at a restaurant.

We are not talking about material goods, but services.

It was clear?

Characteristics of services

The services have their own characteristics that allow us to differentiate them in a simple way from a product.

Check out:

• Intangibility: as already said, a service is something you cannot touch

• Heterogeneity: even if similar, two services are never identical or the same

• Inseparability: production and consumption are partial or totally simultaneous

• Absence of ownership: when you hire a service, you acquire the right to receive the respective installment, in addition to the right to use, access or lease the acquired thing, but not to own it

• Perishability: a service is something that cannot be stored, as with products. It ends with the performance itself.

Concept of service marketing

Service marketing is an approach that aims to show the customer the value of a company in the area of ​​providing services, positioning itself as a provider of solutions to their needs.

As with any marketing strategy, its objective is to present itself as the best option on the market in what it offers – which in this case are the services provided.

The difference, however, is in the aspects that are highlighted by the actions.

Instead of the quality of the product, for example, the focus is on the ability of the service provider, his experience and talent, but mainly on its impact on the life of the consumer.

Importance of service marketing

A well-structured service marketing strategy can have a direct and positive impact on the service provider.

This is because, by putting these actions into practice, it manages to increase its visibility.

That is, more people learn what and how the company does.

As a result, more business opportunities emerge.

If the strategy is consistent enough to convince the customer that the service delivers what they need, the stock is even more likely to convert into real sales.

The important thing is to keep the strategy together with the presentation of differentials, reliability and business advantages, so that the company is remembered when the services it offers are mentioned.

Can you see the importance of service marketing?

The 8 P’s of service marketing

Have you heard about the 4 P’s of marketing ?

The concept was created by Jerome McCarthy and eventually became known thanks to Philip Kotler, the marketing guru.

But when it comes to service marketing, that number doubles.

The 4 P’s (product, price, place and promotion), are more directly linked to the offer of products.

The difference, then, is with the additional 4 P’s (process, palpability, people and productivity), more related to services.

Let’s see how they apply to services.


But aren’t we talking about services?

It may seem strange to talk about, but the truth is that every service contains a product. In other words, a result that will generate value for the customer.

Imagine that a company does maintenance of any kind.

Her product would be the prospect of the customer having “zeroed” equipment for a lower price than buying a brand new product.

A tip: always keep in mind what product your business sells to avoid running away from what customers want.


In the service market, price formation takes place a little differently, as subjective factors come into play.

Depending on the industry, similar tasks can have completely different values.

To help establish a price, observe what the market practices.

So, you can have a price base, but it doesn’t seem like that.

Also take into account the time dedicated to solving the problem, the necessary qualification of the service, the complexity of the situation and other elements relevant to your team.

Place (time and place)

The square in service marketing is more related to the moment of reach and the place where it happens.

Therefore, good planning is very important.

The definition of deadlines, the means of carrying out the service, availability, among others, must be taken into account in this process.

A service that is not always available or takes too long, for example, ends up scaring customers away, don’t you agree?

Promotion (integrated communication)

The 8 P’s of service marketing: Promotion (integrated communication)

The term promotion comes from the idea of ​​promoting and, in service marketing, it is no different.

The promotion is related to everything that is done in terms of communication with the public to publicize the services offered.

A tip: to ensure better interaction with this audience, it is always good to have an innovative, dynamic and human approach to gain your trust and generate a perception of greater value in the service.


As we said a moment ago, a service that is time consuming or that is unavailable can generate dissatisfaction.

Therefore, the company needs to formulate internal processes, that is, the necessary steps so that the service can be provided in an efficient and assertive manner.

Thus, it is easy to guarantee quality for the service offered, in addition to facilitating the optimization of these processes by management.

“Palpability” or physical evidence

Palpability is related to the recognition of the environment in which the service is provided and its physical evidence.

But isn’t service marketing about intangibility? Right.

However, even so, it is necessary to give small visual clues that help the customer to visualize the value of the offer.

The more “tangible” the service looks to consumers, the greater the chances of closing a deal.

For this reason, this palpability generally concerns factors such as customer service profile, service integration between different channels / platforms, among others.


When it comes to service provision, it is necessary to give special attention to the people chosen to compose the workforce.

They ensure that the service is delivered correctly and generates customer satisfaction.

It is perhaps the most sensitive point of the strategy.

Therefore, it is evident that the training and qualification of the personnel who work with you is of immense value.

This directly reflects the company’s profitability, as it is possible to charge a higher price for the service, depending on the technical level of qualification of those who perform it.

A qualified workforce adds much more value to the service.

Productivity and quality

A business needs to seek productivity as a way to scale its earnings, don’t you agree?

In the case of a service business, more productivity means skillful completion of deadlines.

Thus, more availability and better service in general.

For this, in addition to establishing the conditions of productivity, it is necessary to carefully define the tools necessary to achieve the expected results.

Benefits / Advantages of service marketing

A well-done service marketing generates excellent results for the providing company.

Want to see?

Added value

In addition to increasing brand visibility, service marketing is also able to add more value to the services provided.

When you recognize the specific needs of customers, it becomes easier for your service to resolve your audience’s pains and problems.

By making services more effective, quality increases and, consequently, so does the added value.

It is a positive chain reaction.

In addition to potentially being reflected in the price increase, this generates more benefits for the reputation of the business.

Customer relationship

Another positive aspect of service marketing is that it creates excellent conditions for establishing a relationship with the customer .

One of the great weapons in this process is the way you communicate with customers, so that you interact and recognize their needs.

Knowing the desires of your target audience, you can establish increasingly personalized and assertive marketing strategies.

This creates a bond between the company and the customer, as he begins to feel that his needs are truly met by the company.

The more relationship you have, the more you know about those needs.

This leads to a positive cycle for the business to always be able to adapt its performance to meet the demands of its public.


Did you know that increasing loyalty by 5% can increase profitability by 75% ?

For that, a good relationship is fundamental.

The stronger this relationship created with your customer, the more often he returns to hire new services, which allows the company to build a loyal customer base.

This also generates a positive cycle, as it is very likely that a satisfied customer will refer the services to another of the same profile.

In fact, it is worth mentioning that this impacts profitability, as it generates less costly customer attraction.

What is the difference between service marketing and product marketing?

Many people may think that service advertising can be done in the same way as product advertising.

However, that is not quite how it works.

There are distinct characteristics between the two types of marketing that end up changing the way to attract and retain customers in each one.

As already mentioned, one of the main differences resides in the intangibility of services, that is, unlike products, a service is something much more abstract.

Imagine a doctor’s appointment, for example. The service was provided, but the value generated is intangible and cannot be perceived in the same way as when we buy material goods.

It is impossible to separate the service from the individual who performs it. With a product, this does not happen, even if there is a manufacturing defect.

That is why we make it so clear the importance of taking good care of the people who are at the head of your company in serving customers.

Having a well qualified team is a card up its sleeve.

On the other hand, a troubled team will make your marketing work even more difficult.

Application of service Marketing

Now that you know what service marketing is and its benefits, you may be wondering how to do it efficiently.

Let’s say that there is no foolproof formula, but good practices that greatly increase the chances of prospering.

People deserve prominence

Remember the importance of having a well-prepared team?

It guarantees the delivery of the best possible service and the satisfaction of even the most demanding customers.

But to be successful with service marketing, the focus must go beyond just employees.

It is important to think about customers at each stage of the process to be successful.

Therefore, invest in a quality service, which makes it possible to strengthen the relationship with your customers. You will see how it makes a difference.

Content = Quality

In times of internet, the consumer is constantly searching for services on the network.

Therefore, the production of content is one of the best options that any company has at its disposal to position itself as an authority and draw people’s attention.

When you deliver content that adds value to the consumer, it’s easy to earn their trust and respect, which will make you more likely to hire your company.

Identify your differential

The objective of marketing is to differentiate a company from its competitors, and when it comes to services, the reality does not change.

Thus, it is necessary to define a differential and show everyone that the service offered by you adds value to the business.

This differential can be any characteristic that proves that your company is of quality and deserves attention.

Faster service, or the way to interact with customers, even the scope of operations in the region can be a nice differential.

Focus on goals

From the moment that your company establishes clear and realistic goals, the collaboration of all involved to achieve them becomes much more evident.

Setting goals and, more than that, setting deadlines for achieving them, is the first step in bringing the team together and creating the necessary sense of urgency.

Planning is crucial

Your goals will be mere goals if you don’t plan properly for them to materialize.

Who will be responsible for producing content? How will you spread it? Who will interact with the public and direct interested parties to the hiring?

All of these issues must be well planned and managed so that work is kept under control.

Do you remember the 8 P’s of service marketing?

So, you need to know exactly how to approach each of them efficiently.

They must be very clear when setting up the action plan, which will also serve as a guide for the execution of the strategy.

Always keeping an eye on results

Did you know that many marketing campaigns fail due to lack of results monitoring?

With the goals defined and the action plan outlined, it is time to give special attention to this stage.

But, after all, how to follow my results?

First, you need to define some metrics and KPIs .

ROI (Return on Investment) is one of them.

They will provide you with data to analyze how the company is performing in attracting prospective customers through service marketing.

By doing this, you can see the flaws and make adjustments to optimize the process.


To meet demand and offer an adequate service, a lot of planning is required .

Taking into account the 8 marketing P’s, you already take an important step.

Not only does the company achieve more conversions, but it also stands out in the market in relation to its competitors.

Thinking about it, how about building a good relationship with your customers instead of focusing efforts only on prices and terms?

Learn to show the value of your service and win the customer.

This can be the differential that will lead you to success.

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