Nlng Scholarship : for Post Primary, Undergraduate, Post Graduate Students 2023-2024

In This article we will Talk about Nlng Scholarship. For the NLNG Scholarships Scheme 2023–2024, Nigeria LNG Limited (NLNG) is pleased to solicit applications from qualified students. All academic levels are eligible for this scholarship opportunity. Everyone should keep an eye out for this annual scholarship.

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Nlng Scholarship

The goal of NLNG Scholarships is to recognize and promote academic distinction while providing financial aid to students who would not otherwise be able to pay for their further education.

We suggest reading this article in its entirety before applying for this scholarship to understand all the pertinent data, including who is eligible, how much the scholarship is worth, how to apply, the application date, and other crucial factors.


Concerning NLNG Scholarships

  • Because education and human capital development are integral and crucial to a country’s development, Nigeria LNG Limited continues to place special emphasis on these two areas.
  • Undergraduate scholarships are worth N150 000 each year for the duration of each awardee’s education.
  • Scholarship for Post-Graduate Study Abroad: USD 67,500 Per Recipient Per Study
  • However, depending on the degree of study, the actual expenditure per awardee ranges from USD45,000 to USD67,500.


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Amount of Awards

  • 342 recipients of post-primary scholarships
  • 150 recipients of undergraduate scholarships
  • 15 recipients of the overseas postgraduate scholarship


Education Level

  • post primary
  • Undergraduate
  • Post Graduate


host nation

Nigeria will be the location of this scholarship.


The three primary levels of NLNG’s scholarship programs are as follows:

1; Post-primary NLNG Scholarship 

2; Post-primary NLNG Scholarship 


3; NLNG Overseas Postgraduate Scholarship, 


Post-Primary Scholarship from NLNG

The program’s goal is to make post-primary education more accessible to high-achieving basic six students in the company’s host communities.

The program began in 2012 with 28 recipients and by 2019 has expanded to 342 beneficiaries, spending N825,300,000 ($2.697m) in total.

Through the online application on the business website, prospective students are accepted into the program based on announced criteria.

The best top prospects are then added to the scheme via a selection test.

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Eligibility for Post-Primary Nlng Scholarship Scholarships

  1. Any potential recipient must fulfill the following criteria:
  2. Be a native of the host community for NLNG.
  3. being in grades 5 or 6.
  4. Give the outcome of the Basic Five.
  5. A letter of attestation from the head teacher of the applicant’s school, signed and stamped, is required (contact number of the Head Teacher also to be included)
  6. a letter of confirmation from an indigenous person that has been signed by the CDC Chairman or Chief in the community.
  7. A letter of identity from his or her local government council should be provided.
  8. Not be a dependent or child of Nigeria LNG Limited employees.

NLNG Scholarship for Undergraduates

This was started in 1998 for our host communities as a crucial part of our education intervention program, and it was made available to the rest of Nigeria in 2003.

The program has helped 3,416 undergraduate students from different universities in Nigeria, and N768.9 million ($2.5130 million) has been invested in it. In 2012,

the use of social media (Facebook) for information sharing and the introduction of online applications improved the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the selection process while raising knowledge of the Scheme.

Each recipient will receive a scholarship worth N150 000 each year for the duration of their studies. Beginning with the 2018–19 school year, the program was changed from 150 beneficiaries per year to 300.

Eligibility for Scholarships

Any potential recipient must:

  • possess a superb or really good score on just one of your National Examination Council (NECO) or West Africa School Certificate (WASC) exams
  • possess the highest possible score on the Joint Admissions & Matriculation Board (JAMB) test
  • being a Full-Time certified at the time of application, a first-year student at any university in Nigeria.
  • not hold any other scholarship awards from organizations or businesses.
  • Not be a Nigeria LNG Limited employee’s spouse, child, ward, or other close relative.

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How to Apply for the NLNG Scholarship for Undergraduates in 2022

To apply, interested parties can click the link below. The following scanned copies MUST be attached to all applications:

  • photos the size of a passport
  • WASC or NECO outcomes
  • JAMB Score
  • admission letter for universities
  • student ID from the university
  • Identification letter (LGA)


  • Applicants must provide accurate contact information because this is how the application status will be communicated.
  • The application will not be accepted:
  • For missing attachments
  • Failure to meet advertised criterion


Overseas Postgraduate Scholarship from NLNG

With an annual admission of 15 beneficiaries to study in prestigious UK universities, this program was introduced in October 2012.

Environmental Studies, Engineering, Management, Accountancy, Economics, Information Technology, Geology, Banking, Law, and Medicine are among the study fields covered by the program.

The 2019 recipients have started their academic careers at various universities in the UK. The program has so far helped 78 people for a cost of N1.308 billion ($4.27 million).

Taking place in (country):

The University of Aberdeen and the University of Cranfield are two UK universities that offer scholarships.

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eligibility requirements

Study Subject:

  • Alternative Energy
  • studies of the environment
  • Engineering
  • Sciences of management
  • Technology Information
  • Geosciences,
  • Law
  • Medicine.


  • Have a provisional admission from certain UK institutions to study any of the following disciplines: Engineering, Geology, Environment, Management, Information Technology, Law, and Medicine
  • Possess a minimum of 2nd Class Upper degree in a related field of study
  • own a NYSC completion certificate
  • No less than an 8.0 IELTS
  • not older than 30 years old
  • being Nigerian citizens who live in Nigeria
  • Present your LGA-issued identity documents.
  • own a passport that may be used internationally and is valid at least until September 2018
  • Be able to receive a tier-4 visa once being successful
  • Provide evidence that they are available to travel in September 2018 if selected
  • Not be a direct related of staff of Nigeria LNG Limited


How to Apply for NLNG Scholarships 2022: A Step-by-Step Guide

To apply for NLNG Scholarships successfully, follow the requirements below.

  • Visit the official NLNG Scholarships website and choose a form for the applicable category.
  • Choose a category (e.g Undergraduate)
  • You will be taken to the application form after choosing a category and clicking “REGISTER.”
  • Click “SUBMIT” once you have finished filling out the form. Before submitting the form, please double-check that all the information is accurate.

After That?

After submitting your scholarship application, you must wait for your name to be shortlisted before moving forward with the screening/interview.

You need interview preparation advice if you want to be one of the upcoming recipients of this coveted award.

Studying the exam’s previous questions and answers is another tested strategy for winning NLNG scholarships. It will help you understand what to anticipate from your test.

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Past Questions for NLNG Scholarships

In order to help you prepare, the NLNG Scholarships Past Questions and Answers will give you up-to-date past questions that closely resemble NLNG Scholarships past questions.
We are confident that you will succeed in the screening with the help of our content.

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When I’m chosen What amount will I receive?

You will receive around 300,000 every year till you graduate from the institution if you are fortunate enough to be chosen. Although recipients of awards in the past only received roughly $100,000, it is incredibly noteworthy that the sum has been increased.



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