Best online surveys for making money (easy)

Read this to discover the best sites and tips to help you make money online doing survey(s)…

Today we bring you one of the oldest ways to earn money online, surveys. Companies have long offered money in exchange for completing surveys online.

It is not a method with which you are going to become a millionaire but it will help you get an extra cash at the end of the month.

Given their ease of use, these online surveys for making money are highly demanded and there are many people taking advantage of them, so you will have to be very attentive to the page to take advantage of any of the surveys.

Always remember : put a price on your time and value it to the maximum to take advantage of it. There are countless online surveys for making money to do from home that you can choose from.

Currently there are many options on the Internet to generate income. Working from home has become the preferred option for those who prefer to spend more time at home for various reasons: family, travel, better investment of time, among others.

Best online surveys for making money

Make money online doing survey

Swagbucks surveys

With Swagbucks you can earn money in different ways, mainly with surveys. You will earn points that you can then exchange for money, coupons, gift cards and other rewards online.

It has been paying since 2007 and can also be used from Latin America (including Venezuela, Colombia and Mexico). Options to earn money:

• Doing surveys .

• Using the cashback system , where for each purchase they return you x amount of money.

• Discover section, where new offers, surveys and systems to earn money will appear.

Playing , another fun way to earn an extra.

The main payment method is Paypal and more or less 900 SB points (from the platform) are equivalent to 5 euros (or $ 6) .

You can register here .

ySense (ClixSense)

ySense is a great company known for years as one of the best PTCs in the world. It recently moved to paid surveys, including other ways to earn money and best of all, they can be done from any country.

• Charge when exceeding $ 10 .

• You can earn money by completing tasks, completing surveys and affiliates .

• It has been paying for more than 13 years without any problem involved, it is a very reliable company and offers a referral system.

• It offers well-known means of payment such as Paypal, Skrill, Payoneer and cards to redeem on Amazon and Steam.

• The platform is in English but the surveys are in Spanish.

• The supply of surveys is higher in the United States and Europe, compared to those in Latin America.

You can register here .


GreenPanthera is another of the best online surveys for making money, which acts as an intermediary between companies and users who want to make money with paid surveys. 

User opinions on certain topics are worth a lot and that’s why Greenpanthera pays you to give it.

Every day between 3 and 5 new surveys are available to take (which from our experience are quite a few).

• Payments can be withdrawn by Paypal .

• Each payment can be withdrawn when it exceeds $ 30 .

• The average profit per survey is $ 1 (or slightly less $ 0.80).

• There are levels of referrals (10% for each profit that the guests have).

• The platform and surveys are in Spanish .

Allowed countries : Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico Colombia, Chile, United States, Peru, Panama, Paraguay, Venezuela and some European countries.

• Each new user who signs up is given $ 5 .

You can register here and receive the $ 5 .


It is also one of the best known to freelancers. You also pay with points redeemable for cash or online rewards. Depending on the country you select you will get many surveys to generate more money.

• Available in practically all countries , including Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Paraguay, the United States, Panama, among others.

• The registration is free and does not ask too much personal information.

Spanish , English and other languages.

Payment methods : PayPal, Skrill, Western Union, MoneyGram and Amazon gift cards.

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• The average duration of the surveys is 5-10 minutes.

• The average remuneration of the surveys is € 1.

Quite reliable survey platform .

They pay fast and have had no problems in recent years.

You can register here.


Lifepoints is another survey company with more than 5 million users around the world and has been working closely with its users for more than a decade. 

The biggest advantage of lifepoints is that you always have surveys available. Via mail you will receive many notifications of new surveys.

• The points earned can be exchanged for money on Paypal or gift cards from Amazon, Ikea, Corte Inglés, Mediamarkt and Itunes.

Available countries : Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, USA, Colombia and Portugal. Depending on the country you will receive more or less surveys.

• Registration is totally free (there is also a recent promotion that gives you a few points to get started).

• Around 500 points are € 4-5 .

The minimum payment is easy to reach.

You can register here.

How do paid survey sites work?

How do paid survey sites work?

These companies give a few points or an amount in euros / dollars for just answering a few questions. They are usually opinions about a brand or product, your time is paid just for giving them an opinion.

There are many sites that ask you for a bonus or deposit before you start, but be careful with it. There is no online surveys for making money you should invest in, the surveys are totally free .

What you will find is an option that will allow you to increase your income a little more: by sharing your profile link with other people and inviting them to register, you will get commissions for such referrals.

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These websites not only have surveys, they have many other options. Watch videos, download applications, play games, register on other sites …

There are many tasks to be done that have a certain value that you can gradually exchange for your cash. You just need to invest the time in it.

How much does online surveys pay?

The ease of being an online job brings with it the condition of time investment. There are surveys that last very little and clearly pay lower and others that last longer (around 20 minutes), and they pay much better.

To achieve a decent income per day you must dedicate, in short, all the time you have to little by little reach a high amount .

The payments are usually via PayPal , although many portals have expanded their payment options for other platforms such as bank transfer, Payoneer, Skrill and even criptomonedas.

Advantages of online surveys

Work from home : one more way to earn money from the Internet. You will not get rich but it serves to get an extra cash each month.

Reliability : a very old and reliable system, where major product brands pay people like us to take surveys.

Payment methods: these websites offer different payment methods, among the well-known ones are Paypal and bank transfer.

Multi- device: although there are specific apps for Android and Iphone, the websites of now are responsive so we can do them from any device (PC, mobile or tablet) without leaving our eyes.

It’s free : it’s something you have to know well. Surveys are always free, nothing to pay in advance or to register.

Make money online doing survey tips

1. Our survey profile has to be as complete as possible and, above all, all the information has to be correct. 

It does not have to be 100% real, since, with a more attractive profile, you will receive more surveys .

2. You have to be attentive to the daily surveys because there will be days that you can only complete three or four surveys, but on other days we can complete even more than ten surveys

Everything will depend on the time we dedicate and the way to complete each survey.

3. Take a good look at the answers because there are questions that can be deceiving . A wrong answer can get you thrown out. Therefore, you have to complete the surveys correctly, otherwise we will be wasting time.

That’s it on the best sites to make money online doing survey, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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