Guaranteed Smart Passive Income Ideas to Make Money

Can you earn money while you sleep? Yes, I know very well that this is crazy. But the smart passive income ideas allow you to earn money while you sleep or travel.

The idea of ​​having passive income is very seductive: earning money while we sleep, without having to work. 

In other words, having assets that generate constant income each month.

We can achieve this in many ways. For example, we can buy stocks that pay us dividends, or write a book that pays us royalties for many years.

Passive Income Meaning

Passive income is any source or flow of money that is obtained without having to invest all your time to generate it.

Generally, a source of passive income occupies an initial investment of time or money, after which your dedication decreases significantly while the income generated is maintained or increased over time.

Passive income is a good context for the aphorism “make fame and go to sleep.”

Passive income is a good context for the aphorism "make fame and go to sleep." Click To Tweet

It entails earning money without having to be an employee or follow a schedule, although it does require certain work, for example , if you have houses for rent at some point you will have to change the boiler or repair the floor, etc.

Smart passive income


Smart passive income are sources of money that generate a flow month to month with the least investment in time, effort and money.

True passive income allows you to “get out of the hamster wheel” and create financial freedom .

The magic of the internet and technology allow you to sell products or intellectual creations and earn money while traveling , going to the gym or even while you sleep.

10 Ideas for Passive Income to Make Money While You Sleep

You need to choose the right smart passive income ideas to earn regular income while you sleep. All these ideas for passive income must need domain knowledge and specific skills.

The amount of time you invest to build passive income streams, you will get them back or buy more times through passive income streams.


One of the easiest passive income ideas is to start a blog to earn money when you sleep. 

Starting a blog is one of the Ideas for passive income that people try to generate passive income on a regular basis.

The key for people to start a blog to generate passive income is that blogging is also very flexible due to its nature, uses and purposes.

As the internet has grown tremendously, it made people think about starting a blog to make money. People treat blogs as web journals and the place where they can share their knowledge.

Today, the blog is an important marketing tool to promote products and always generate passive income throughout the day.

You can create a WordPress blog in just 15 minutes to show your passion and knowledge. Share your knowledge with the world and earn passive income.

Don’t think more about how small or how big your niche is! Just go ahead and start a blog that brings you passive income while you sleep. It is safe.



The real estate business is the most popular and successful passive income idea for making money while you sleep.

If you have real estate, you can earn money when you rent it.

The income potential for real estate or investment is excellent. You will earn regular income from your rental property.

If you are dealing with a large real estate investment, you should hire or assign a property manager to take over the responsibilities.

It is true that making money from real estate investing will take some time. Before investing in real estate, you should work hard and examine the monetary and legal rules, terms, and conditions associated with the property.

Before investing in real estate, you should know the investment plan that will generate regular profits for you.

Make sure you have enough knowledge in this business sector before you start investing in real estate.


If you have the ability to write an e-book, you can easily earn passive income by selling books online.

Selling books online is one of the easiest passive income ideas on the internet. Writing and selling a book online is giving you a serious passive income.

If you sell your own book or sell another, you will get at least 10% royalties for the book that is sold from your blog or affiliate link.

Once your book is ready to buy from an online store like Amazon, you will earn regular passive income whenever a sale occurs.

Ideas for passive income

You will receive your regular monthly payment from Amazon and similar online stores on a regular basis for doing absolutely nothing.

The investment here is the effort you put into developing, designing, and planning a marketing plan. These are vital tasks before earning regular passive income.

It is very simple that the more time you spend to market your e-books, the more you will earn as passive income.


Affiliate marketing is one of the popular smart passive income ideas to earn money while you sleep. If you have a blog or site, you can easily earn money through affiliate marketing.

We have seen that there are many affiliates who earn more than $ 50,000 per month through the affiliate marketing business.

If you don’t own a blog or website, don’t worry. We are here to help you. You can start a blog or website for less than $ 3.

You can buy your hosting support where your website data will be stored and viewed on the internet. You can check here for a special price with Bluehost.

All you need is, you need to get enough traffic to your blog. Once you have enough traffic, you can apply for an affiliate program on popular affiliate networks like Amazon, eBay, and more.

Once approved by the affiliate network, you can place the ad banners on the blog or website. People can visit at any time and go to a sale or purchase.

You will earn an affiliate commission while you sleep. This is what affiliate marketing is for simple passive income ideas to make money 24 × 7 in 365 days.



Another simple way to generate passive income online is to create a lead generation website or blog.

Websites that generate leads give referrals and leads to local businesses or online businesses.

For example, if you have a lead generation website or blog that focuses on related real estate businesses. 

You would use this website to teach people about real estate or home ownership or the real estate investment program or training.

Within this website, you should have links that help people contact you for more information or assistance. 

Every time people contact you, you will refer them to a local real estate professional in the respective area.

The person or real estate professional will pay money for the referral you sent from their website. It’s called warm lead, so you’ll make more money from it.

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If your website ranks well in the rankings, then you can earn more money by placing advertising on your website. 

The more you can do from your website, the more your site ranks first in search engines.


E-commerce development, drop shipping has become a very popular passive income. Let’s see how drop shipping works.

You need to create an online store that can offer the products of the manufacturers.

When a person comes to your website and orders a product. Now your website sends the order details along with the customer’s address to the particular manufacturer.

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Now the manufacturer will complete the order by shipping the product directly to their customer.

Here, you don’t need to keep any inventory. The website visitor or customer will pay for the product, you will receive your commission, and the product manufacturer will ship the product to the customer’s site. That is all.

If you’re interested in doing drop shipping business, check with Shopify to build your online store as quickly as possible.


We know that most people shop on Amazon.

Did you know that you can make money from Amazon by selling your own products? Also, you can have the goods shipped to the respective places.

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Create an online course in a great way to earn money as passive income. There are many people around the world who earn regular passive income from the online course.

You can create a well-packaged online course to earn passive income. Your online course may contain e-books, how-to videos, technical videos, teaching videos, and emails with detailed information.

Whenever subscribers or customers sign up to purchase your course online, your website or system will automatically send an email to the customer.

The autoresponder email will have all the information needed to purchase your course online.

You can earn easy passive income through the online course you created. Teachable is the popular platform to create your online course and generate smart passive income.

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Most of the common people make regular income from YouTube videos. Earning money from YouTube is one of the smart passive income ideas to earn regular income when you sleep.

Whenever someone is watching your YouTubes, YouTube will pay you to see ads on the videos.

The key to making money from YouTube is, the more subscribers you have on your channel.

Building a strong subscriber base will surely take some time. Once you have enough subscribers and you can surely make passive income from every video you upload.


Another better way to earn passive income is by designing t-shirts and other products as well. You do not need to have master skills in design. You can still make passive money with this business.

Redbubble is the best site where you can upload your designs and design ideas.

Your creativity and design ideas will be used on t-shirts, coffee mugs, covers, and more.

Whenever a sale occurs, you will receive a commission from the online store. No need to track inventory or products. 

The online store will take care of everything and you will make regular passive income while you sleep.

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Do you know that you can make money with your car without picking up passengers?

Yes, you can allow product or marketing companies to place their advertising on your car windows or anywhere in your car.

You will earn few dollars in passive income for driving the car for your own purposes.

Wrapify is the place where you can go to place ads on your car and make money from it.

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Do you have a spare room that you don’t use or rarely use? Why not rent the room to someone who really wants it?

Renting your unused room will bring you monthly passive income.

Airbnb is the place where you can find or rent your room for short-term rental. Millions of people are looking for a place to stay on Airbnb.

People like to stay in the room, instead of staying in a hotel. It could be very cheap and sometimes they can stay for a few months as well.


As you can see, there are many legitimate smart passive income ideas available for regular income. You must decide which idea of ​​passive income suits you.

If you know of other ideas for passive income or are already making money from other passive income sources, please let us know.

You can write about any other smart passive income ideas or your thoughts in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading! All the best!

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