How to start a viable egg distribution / supply business

The egg supply business entails moving of eggs produced from poultry to the targeted buyers either on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis depending on the need and agreement reached with the buyers. Thus, the egg supply business solely depends on demand. The need and financial capacity of the buyers as well determines the quantity of eggs to supplied.

This venture which is all about buying eggs directly from farms and reselling at wholesale price to the retailers, individuals, wholesalers, or even the final consumers, is not only very profitable but more so, you get to determine what your profit would look like.

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However, for you to attain some level of success in the egg distribution business there are some vital tips to put into consideration and that’s the essence of this very post

Uses and and health benefits of eggs

Egg is undoubtedly the number one source of protein for humans. However, eggs are not just needed solely for eating. It is effectively utilized in baking of varying types of confectionaries ranging from bread to cakes, meat- pie and the likes. It is as well used in the production of cosmetics products such as conditioners, soaps, shampoo and lots more.

Eggs contain Vitamin A that helps in healthy eyesight of humans. It as well contains chlorine that is is used to build cell membranes which helps in the production of molecules in the human brain.

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Furthermore, egg has a high cholesterol content thereby making it a suitable diet for growing children. Also, It helps to reduce the risk of many diseases

The uses of eggs are therefore numerous thereby influencing the high rate of demand for eggs in the Nigerian market, this is a pointer to why you should start a viable egg distribution / supply business.

Opportunities in the egg distribution / supply business

1) Common Supplies – Eggs are commonly supplied to shops and supermarkets, bakeries, restaurants as well as cosmetics industries either on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis though in large quantities. This therefore affords you to opportunity earn cool on daily or weekly basis as the case maybe. More so, virtually everyone eats eggs, especially following the recommendation of scientists that every one should eat an egg on a daily.

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2) Industrial Supplies – No doubt, eggs are Majorly utilized in some companies for industrial productions like glue and other similar products. As a result, these industries would require a constant supply of large quantities of eggs at intervals to sustain their production activities. You could therefore reach an agreement with them to undertake the supply of eggs.

3) Fitness Centers – Since fitness centers do encourage their clients to consume a good quantity of eggs so as to boost their protein intake and invariably build their bodies and gain considerable muscle mass, you could therefore make the gym centers your point of call for prospective customers which you can supply eggs to.

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4) Cosmetics – As earlier pointed out, some establishments that undertake the production of cosmetics also utilizes eggs in their production activities due to its essential and effective nature. This is therefore another opportunity to supply your eggs and make cool cash.

Notable advantages of eggs distribution / supply business

• It is cost effective
• It is relatively easy to start
• It has the capacity of generating daily and weekly income.
• It does not require any special skills or qualifications to get started.

How to start egg a viable distribution / supply business

1) Locate a Reliable Poultry Farm that Produces Eggs In Large Scale

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The first step to getting started properly would be to reach out to a reliable poultry farm that can supply you with large quantities of eggs at every point of call. To ensure that this works out well, it is recommended that you get connected to more than one poultry farm. This would serve as a check against scarcity.
Locate only well organized farm and reach an agreement on the prices and every other details.

2) Acquire a Car –

Acquiring a car for for your egg supply business will enable you to conveniently distribute or supply the eggs to your customers. You could as well enter into a rental agreement with someone who has a car or bus whenever you you have a supply to undertake but it is not advisable that you use public transportation meas to move your eggs.

3) Set Up a good Storage Facility –

There would be need for a storage facility where you can keep your eggs before their eventual distribution. Your customers can also come to the pick to see what’s in stock or pick up their goods.

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4) Acquire Tools –

Aside setting up a storage facility, you would also need to acquire certain business tools that would help you run your egg supply business efficiently.

The most important of such tools are the egg crates where you place your eggs to avoid breakage and resultant losses. It could either be paper or plastic crates. It should be noted that paper crates are more protective to the eggs and reduces the number of egg cracks what would result from transporting the eggs from one place to another.

5) Identify Your Target Market –

Your target market would ordinarily comprise of hotels, restaurants, schools, shops, bakeries and industries that utilize eggs in their production activities as well as gym centers. These are therefore places where your egg supply business will thrive. We therefore advise that you reach out to them in your current location and strike a deal.

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Although the egg supply business may appear odd to you, you should rather focus on the profit potential of this goldmine and always bear in mind that men of gold don’t wear gold.

Estimated profits in egg distribution / supply business

Depending on any size of egg you choose to buy, you will make a profit of atleast N100 on a crate of egg, if you sell as a wholesaler but if you choose to sell as retailer you can have profit of N300 on a crate. If you restrict yourself to selling just 100 crates of eggs weekly, that means you will realize profit of N10,000 weekly and this is just N40, 000 monthly.

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This is how you determine your profit. Setting a target to sell 1,000 crates of egg per week will mean you will realize 100 x 1,000 = N100,000 weekly, multiply this per month, that is a whooping sum of N400,000 profit monthly. If you deduct the amount that would cover for the expenses you incurred, you would be left with a handsome net profit

The egg supply or distribution market is worth millions of naira, as such it stands out as a viable opportunity for any entrepreneur who would like to tap into this huge sum. You can start a viable egg distribution / supply business, venturing into the egg supply business is therefore a great business move to make.

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