How to make money in Nigeria as a student

Given the times we are in, it has become easier to make money as a student in Nigeria both online and offline. There are tons of things you can do to make money while you are in school learning and these things don’t necessarily have to hinder your studies whatsoever.

Campus life can be costly. As such, making extra money in addition to what was given to them by parents/sponsors will help lessen the burden on their sponsors, and most importantly help the students keep savings.

How to make money online in Nigeria as a student for free.

Though there are different options on how to make money in Nigeria as a student both online and offline, you should choose what you’re most comfortable with and wouldn’t disrupt your studies.

Since the main goal is to help you study better and earn a living, avoid what will interfere with your studies.

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However, the fact that you are willing to start doing something that can earn you money now as a student is amazing. What’s more?

Pick one of the ways we have discussed below to begin experiencing a change in your revenue stream. It is possible to quickly build an online income stream if you are passionate enough to step out of your comfort zone and venture on one of the niches.

The following are some of the various ways of how you can earn a living as a student in Nigeria.

• Freelancing

The Freelancing world is a market place of ideas, skills, and talent, fueled by passion. While some believe it’s the easiest way to make money online because it requires little or nothing in setting up and most freelance websites are free to sign up, yet making money as a freelancer can be a daunting task if not done the proper way.

Once you have a passion backing your work you can start making money in your first week of joining as a student in Nigeria. There are so many areas as to which you can work as a freelancer; web developer, app developer, freelance writing, graphic designer etc. the list is endless it will be wisdom for you to work in the area of your passion.

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For you to be successful in freelancing, you have to take the following steps :

1.) Set up a profile

This is very important when it comes to freelancing. Your profile is tantamount to how successful you are going to be. Set up a nice and attractive profile; showcase your expertise, highlight some relevant past experience and includ hie your contact information so that potential clients can easily find you and focus on getting positive reviews.

2.) Choose a niche

After signing up; don’t just go about doing the entire task you see in the bid of making money quick. The best thing to do here is to choose a niche, find a topic you know you have a passion for and go for it and gradually grow yourself.

3.) Find a project

Working as a freelancer can be a competitive one, depending on how you package yourself, but once your account is set up you can look for projects that fit your skill descriptions and bid for it.

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Before you start working, make sure that both you and the employer are aligned in terms of project scope and deadlines.

4.) Get paid

Once your work is done you can get paid, most freelance website process payment through PayPal, Wire Transfer, checks or direct deposit.

These are few of the top freelance website you can work with and make money as a student in Nigeria ;,,, iwriter etc.

• Ebook publishing

You’ve heard about passive income, and you might be thinking, “what could be better than that?” Put in some work now and continue to reap the financial benefits for weeks, months, and even years to come.

While it’s not always as simple as that, writing ebooks is one side hustle you won’t want to disregard as a student in Nigeria : It is relatively simple.

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If you already have an online business or if you are thinking of starting one, you may want to consider creating and selling informational eBooks . eBooks offer many advantages to home-based entrepreneurs. eBooks are passive income, in that you create it once and it can keep making money for you.

The key to selling eBooks is to write simply and clearly. People will buy your eBook because they want to learn how to do something.

  • Create Your eBook.
  • Format Your eBook.
  • Proofreading.
  • Get a Cover that Sells Your eBook.
  • Convert Your eBook.
  • Add Your eBook to a Website.
  • Promote Your eBook.
  • Keep Track of Your Sales.

You can improve your odds of making money with ebooks by having a system of niche and content development, choosing the right platform, making the most of your marketing effort and, perhaps most important of all, riding the momentum and not sitting back to relax once your first book is published.

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As easy as it looks, it is even much easier when you have multiple websites do have access to thousands of ebooks with resell rights and customization license, this means you can easily lift an already done ebook and own it, sell it without having copyright issues.

• Website/Graphic design

How to make money in Nigeria as a student

Majority have the belief that web and graphic design can only be done by computer gurus. Its not true, I designed my website by myself and I have also trained some people.

Small business owners , want to have websites for their businesses for visibility purpose and this is where the business aspect comes in to enable you make money as a student in Nigeria.

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Position yourself as an expert and start making money by designing websites.

You also need a website for your business, you may think you don’t need a website now, but later in the future, you will realise that you need it.

Your website is your landed property nothing can happen to it. A website gives your business a more professional look. Some people have lost business contract because they don’t have a website.

Your business needs a website, so as every other business.

A lot of entrepreneurs also want to design beautiful and attractive content, graphics for their product.

You can make a lot of money by making beautiful designs for them.
Last week, i made an enquiry from a guy who designs flyers and he told me that to design a flyer alone without printing is 5k…..I said OK.

Even if you charge 2k for every design you make it is something.

For web design, the least amount people charge is 20-30k , some people charge as high as 100-150k(depending on the market)

If you have 4 website to design in a month, that’s an average of 80-100k in a one month and you can do all these with your phone or laptop without stepping out of your house.

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You can use canvas to create beautiful designs. Use your hand and play around the app, you will be surprised at what you can do.

Don’t limit yourself as there are numerous viable means you can make money as a student in Nigeria.

• Social media management

Its a known fact that some small business owners today are so overwhelmed with a lot of things that they don’t have much time to dedicate to their business online.

If such people have someone to manage this for them, they will be so glad.

A lot of employees have online business that is struggling to survive because they don’t have the time to manage it.

You can earn so much as a student in Nigeria by managing other peoples social media.

All you need to do is to look for those that need this service.

Negotiate your charges with them,
Get the knowledge required and start business.

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You must know how to do the following

  • How to develop good content
  • How to run Facebook and Instagram advert
  • How to relate with clients

You can do these with your phone from the comfort of your home and you can manage for more than one person.

• Become a Distributor by using OPM (other peoples money).

A lot of people still believe that mini importation is all about buying and selling. Yes it is, but you can do more with the knowledge of mini Importation.

You can become a distributor or supplier of ‘unique’ products. You don’t need huge capital to start. You can even start with zero capital

How is this possible?

Visit supermarket or stores, churches, hotel near you and show them a sample of the product you want to supply and tell them you can supply to them at a very a cheaper price.

Or look for a product in their store, do your market research and tell them that you can supply to them at a better price.

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However, before going, make sure you do your home work very well. Don’t appear cheap, let them see that you have come to offer value.

If they accept your deal, ask them to pay half of the money as deposits. Use the deposits to buy the products from China, when the goods arrive, deliver and collect your balance.

You have succeeded in using other peoples money(OPM) to start your business.

• Mobile App Development

The mobile application era is here! Every business wants to develop an app to promote their product and service, and to provide information to the users at their fingertip.

Apart from the retail apps, there are many categories. There are several apps for entertainment, utility, productivity, gaming, news and lifestyle to inform and entertain its users.

There is an app for everything right from tracking your heartbeat, analyzing your mobile storage and teaching you how to start your easy mobile app journey.

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Mobile app development (android) use to be for the geek but now, we have easy-to-use click-drag application you can play with and in few minutes you have made and developed a solutions-providing mobile app, all with your phone, no laptop.


Whether you are a secondary school student or an undergraduate in any Nigerian university, we’ve aptly discussed some of the several opportunities that you need in order to make money online in Nigeria as a student.

Needless to say, you too can make money in Nigeria as a student without allowing the business to affect or clash with your studies and academics. So, go all out and do the needful as we await your testimonies.

Don’t hesitate to share this post and bookmark this page for more exclusive business tips and ideas.

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