Home based business ideas for housewives in Nigeria

In this post, you will discover numerous amazing home based business ideas for full-time housewives, nursing mothers, stay-at-moms and even work-at-home moms in Nigeria. Don’t hesitate to act immediately on the one that interests you and you are well on your way to becoming financially independent.

The traditional housewife or stay at home mum is notably one who takes care of the children, undertakes the family chores and puts the house in order on a daily basis and as well attends to virtually every of the family needs.

However, the days when women had the sole responsility of cooking for long hours and tending the kids while men worked for money are long gone. That’s not to say that women no longer cook or take care of their homes but you would hardly see many women answering ‘housewife’ and all what it connotes in this 21st century.

This is so because no woman wants to sit at home in this economic whirlwind owing to the fact a woman’s best protection is a little of her own money.

What business can a woman do from home in Nigeria?

No doubt, being a housewife or a stay at home mum is tedious but an extra source of income to augment the family income won’t hurt. Thus, housewives who tend to downplay the possibilities of still doing something financially profitable from home need to firstly understand that very many persons quit their jobs just to establish businesses that would allow them work from home.

As a woman, you can choose to undertake any of the simple businesses and even the tech-inclined ones, discussed in this article since women have also make made impacts in the world of tech too. Luckily, most of these businesses require little to no capital get started.

The following are therefore businesses that a woman can start from home. The connected economy of the 21st century has made it a lot easier to start and operate such businesses.

11 Lucrative businesses to start from home.

1.) Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

Multi-level Marketing is a legal and lucrative means of generating steady passive income. This is done by simply building a system that enables you to leverage on the time, financial etc resources of others to get more work done within a shorter time– no, they are not Ponzi schemes.

Network marketing has been described and rightly so, as the business of the 21st century by the renowned author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kyosaki.
One of such reputable network marketing Companies that enables you to build trans generational wealth is Recharge and get paid ltd (RAGP).

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Blogging is fun and certainly a viable enterprise if you put in the time and creativity needed for it to thrive.

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No doubt, you hear about the likes of Linda Ikeji and BellaNaija, but there are also a whole lot of other women bloggers who rake in consistent income from the comfort of their homes. You may not have heard about maybe because they’re not celebrity/gossip bloggers. These people therefore earn irresistible sums of regularly simply by expressing themselves and teaching others what they know.

You can therefore start up a blog on any topic you are passionate about or interested in and you can be assured of earning regularly once you start getting consistent traffic.


As a beautician, you can learn to make soaps using natural products. You could even decide to diversify into areas like cream making and makeup artistry. Being a make-up artist and training others is now considered one of the fastest ways of making money at home nowadays.

Skincare industry has been described as one of the fastest-growing business sectors. So many things are available to you in the surroundings that can help enable you to start this skincare business. Make-up artistry is something that can be learnt online by taking a few classes then building on it.

4.) Catering

If you love cooking, catering is good business because of the simple fact that good food is always good business. The good thing with catering business is you can start with any amount of money – small, medium or big scale. Plus you can choose to start either outdoor catering services, indoor or both.

When you look around you, I guarantee you must know at least one woman who was able to turn her fortunes around through food/catering business

5.) Online retail business
E-commerce is presently the most effective method of selling as it has removed the time factor from everything. That is to say that, the internet has become a booming marketplace and online retail has become very profitable over the past few years. Why stick to conventional brick-and-mortar business when you can sell online, reach more people and make more profits?

You don’t need to have your website to start your own online retail business. For a start, you can list your products on big online retail stores like Konga or Jiji. They already have the traffic, payment processing and inventory management. All you do is deliver the products on demand and settle down to count your cash.

6.) Day care
If you are going to be taking care of your own kids anyway, and you have the space and startup cash, why not make it a business? You get to spend so much time with your kids, and other kids, plus you make cool cash in the process.

Granted, not everybody has the grace to handle 17 crying babies at the same time so if this not you, best move on the next item. However, if you love hanging with kids, day care is a cool business for you.

7.) Freelancing

Freelancing is the easiest business for beginners to start on the internet.
Being a good writer and having a good flow grammatically is all you may need to ge t started as a freelance writer. You can write for blogs or publications and get paid for your skill. Thus, with your writing skills and an internet enabled device, you can earn effortlessly from the comfort of your home as a housewife.

You can get started right now and head out to start making $10-$20 an hour as an entry level freelancer. To make money as a freelancer, you need to know skills like writing, copywriting, graphics design, web design, etc.

Common sites you can get freelancing jobs include: freelancing.com, upwork.com, Fiverr.com etc. You choose your own working hours and accept only jobs you can deliver, making cool cash all the while.

8.) Affiliate Marketing

An affiliate marketer is an online salesperson who promotes products in exchange for a commission. Affiliate marketing comes next right after freelancing as the easiest and best way to make money online.

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For example, if you sign up as an affiliate for Konga.com, Konga will give you a unique affiliate link. Whenever someone buys anything on Konga through your link, Konga pays you a commission. It works like magic. Most internet marketers make money by promoting other people’s products.

9.) Event Planning

If you are gifted with organizing events, you could make a fortune as an event planner. The big names in event planning in Nigeria such as Zapphire events and Elizabeth R did not always have an office. You don’t need a special office to be an event planner. All that is required is a skill to organize and plan large parties, weddings, and other occasions.

Many people would not want to bear the burden of coordinating their event, instead they would want to employ the services of an event planner and this is where you come in.


We know that in our beloved country, Nigeria every event needs a cake. Be it a wedding, birthday party, send forth, reunion, welcome home party, every event is almost incomplete without a cake. You could also make snacks and confectioneries. The capital you need is nothing compared to the profit you would make. All you need is a functional oven!

11.) Vlogging (video blogging)
Enough people have become overnight celebrities by making short videos and posting them on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or other sites. You can start your own YouTube channel and also post your videos on Facebook.

To make this work, you need a concept that will capture the hearts of people. It could be anything from informational, educational, hilarious, bizarre or reviews. I leave it to your imagination.


Aside working class moms, housewives can also make good money by starting a profitable business and that’s what this post on home based business ideas for housewives in Nigeria tends to achieve.
These ideas may be simple businesses or even tech-inclined in any way but, women are also doing great things in the world of tech. Most of this businesses requires little to no capital.

Home based business ideas for housewives in Nigeria
Home based business ideas for housewives in Nigeria

We wait to hear your success story.

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