Clickbank Refund Policy : See How To Bypass The ClickBank Money-Back Guarantee

Clickbank refund policy?

It strikes me that although the products have a 60-day money-back guarantee, that is, if you are not satisfied with the product, you have 60 days to complain to ClickBank and request a refund of your money. ClickBank does not report the number of returns that the products have, but apparently it is low.

Here in the world of the internet things are offered that would never happen in the real world. ClickBank is an example of this, it is as if they told you, come and enjoy your vacation in this luxurious hotel for several weeks and if you do not like it later, we will refund all your money.

Oddly enough, in ClickBank this is given and of course given room for many scoundrels to buy the product, and once they downloaded it, once they have it on their hard drive they ask for the money back on the pretext that they are not their taste.

The truth is that this does not seem so fair to me the author, but it is offered and is part of the conditions of being in the business.

How they bypass the ClickBank 60-Day Guarantee to try the product:

Clickbank refund policy

Someone said out there that the owner of the product is the one who has control, there are many sellers who instead of placing their product to download it at once, they have partitioned it into at least 12 or more chapters to see them online one per week.

This guarantees that after 60 days the buyer will not have the full course, if not, 8 of the 12 parts and of course they will not request a refund of their money following the infamous Clickbank refund policy.

Obviously the best part of the course will be at the end so if someone has been enthusiastic about the course and asks for a refund, they will miss the best.

This strategy is also very useful to avoid pirated downloads, since as it is a video course to view online, it cannot be downloaded directly.

If someone buys the course and wants to share it, they can record the videos with an envelope such as camtasia or camstudio, but they will not have the full course until it is finished, when this happens, the author will consider the course obsolete and release the new version, like this The most current version of the course will never be available for full download.

Apparently that is the panacea and all the gurus are doing it this way, with this they ensure that their product is not indiscriminately hacked in the forums and can also evade the generous satisfaction guarantee.

This modality so fashionable lately ClickBank will surely not allow it in the future, since ClickBank’s business is that you get excited about all this, sign up and pay your $ 50 to open your seller account.

It is likely that you would not even think about opening your seller account at ClickBank unless you get excited first, and for this you will need to see some courses on how to make money before and convince yourself that you can do it too, this will happen after you download a full course, free and say “I can do it too”.

But ClickBank also cannot afford to lose its best gurus, the ones who made it great, and that is why it is very likely that it will let some marketers continue with this new modality if the product is salable and commercially profitable for ClickBank but definitely others will not allow this practice.

My humble opinion is that if ClickBank refund policy continues to cause so much trouble and buts to its selling customers, chances are it will lose them in the long run. Total competition there.

ClickBank’s system is good, but never that much, it could be better. It does not make sense that in the 21st century they send you a check by mail, that this check takes months, that it gets lost on the way and that then you have to wait several more weeks to process it again. Only after several payments via check allow you to collect them by PayPal, something that the competition has already done from the beginning.

Personally, I think that if ClickBank wants to continue being the leader in this, it must necessarily improve in the future and catch up with its nascent competition.

They require a payment of US $ 50 to register and you can start selling your products online for free. Clickbank refund policy.

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