How to Check Canada Work Permit Status

Did you just apply for Canada Work permit and you have not heard from them? All you need is to check your Canada work permit application status to see whether it was approved or not.

If it is not approved, you can proceed to know exactly why it was not approved. Correct such error and reapply for the work permit.

If your work visa was approved, congratulations to you. You can proceed with other necessary things before traveling to Canada.


How to Check Canada work Permit status – Visa

  • Firstly, visit work permit status page
  • From the drop down select what did you applied for. (Select work permit)
  • Another drop down will appear, select what you applied for
    • Work permit outside Canada
    • Work permit inside Canada
    • Work permit for Asylum Claimants
  • Another drop down will also appear. Choose how you applied (either online or on paper)
  • Click Continue to move to the next step
  • You will get an information on your screen regarding the application/selection progress. Simply scroll down the page and see a link where you can login to see your application status.

check canada work permit status

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Login to your Work Permit Account

IMPORTANT: Processing delays are being experienced as a result of COVID-19. The applications of those who are not subject to travel restrictions will be given top priority.

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