How To Earn Money By Playing Games Without Investment

This article explains how you can earn money from your favourite games…

Many gamers think that the only way to enjoy their favorite console and video game is by waiting for its launch and forced purchase. 

But what few know is that there is a job niche that will not only allow you to enjoy many video games, but also earn extra money. 

That is why we present you the 10 video games that allows you to earn money from games.

Although it may seem like the dream job, like any other job, you must meet a series of requirements and skills to be considered among the best. 

If you think you meet the expectations, then pay attention to the following video games that could give you more money than you expect.

1. RuneScape

RuneScape - earn-money-with-playing-games

This role-playing video game that supports multiple online players and is marketed by Jagex, already has more than 10 million active accounts. 

In addition, it is the main competitor of World of Warcraft , so it has a dynamic, within the game itself, that will allow you to earn money: collect gold. 

Although it seems incredible, RuneScape  has this form of real offer through virtuality. Players on many occasions are dedicated to selling the gold they have accumulated in the real market , which generates an extra income.

2. World of Warcraft

This game from Blizzard Entertainment holds the Guinness Record as a massively multiplayer online role-playing video game. It has four worlds or dimensions that have their own regions or dungeons to explore.

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Similar to RuneScape, many players take this entertainment as an 8-hour shift to accumulate the most gold and then sell it for real money , generating a few hundred and, in some cases, thousands of dollars a month.

3. Warm

Tibia  is another online multiplayer role-playing video game developed by CipSoft. As time goes by, the number of players has increased thanks to the free account and the attractiveness it is for many. 

The complexity of this game allows its fans to earn money in various ways, although the most common is by selling their gold coins .

4. Dota 2

This video game of the genre of “online battle arena”. In games, players must execute action strategies in real time. Compared to previous games, getting money from this video game requires more patience and effort.

Dota 2 - earn-money-with-playing-games

To get more cash, take advantage of your knowledge and share tricks and plays through powerful social platforms , such as YouTube

You can also earn money from home thanks to the advertising that is handled on this network and that you can exploit by building a large community.

5. League of Legends

This famous video game from Riot Games is part of the multiplayer online battle arena genre. Games can last between 15 and 50 minutes. 

To earn money, you have to leave the virtual world and return to the real world to sell a physical product , the figures being the most profitable. There are also tournaments where you can win large amounts of money.

6. Fortnite

This free video game linked to survival and open world genres was developed by Epic Games and has grown in popularity over the years.

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Similar to the type of sale that is made in role-playing games, in  Fortnite  you can sell  skins , which are details or clothes that are added to the characters to make them more attractive and unique. 

Although anyone can obtain these types of rewards over time, the reality is that many players do not want to invest hours of play and are able to buy these accessories from others. And if the  skins are available for a limited time, then more valuable it will be.

7. Call of Duty

This warlike first-person shooter is one of the most popular in the gamers’ universe  , despite its age. In the first saga, many of the scenarios were located during World War II, so important historical battles could be reenacted. 

Its popularity is such that it is one of the video games in which you can dedicate yourself to playing it professionally, this implies investing between 10 and 12 hours a day to train skills, competencies and skills that allow you to participate in internationally renowned tournaments. 

The Call of Duty Championship is the most prestigious of all, where you can win over $ 100,000.

8. Counter Strike

This multiplayer, first-person shooter video game was developed by Valve for Microsoft. It is a game of terrorist teams seeking to commit an act and counter-terrorists trying to prevent it.

Counter strike - earn-money-with-playing-games

This is one of the games where millions of dollars are awarded to the winning teams of Counter Strike tournaments. But if you have lower aspirations, you can also sell  character skins.

9. StarCraft

A military science fiction video game, where with multiple players you must try to dominate a part of the Milky Way with one of the three living species that it has.

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Although it may seem surprising, in this game a lucrative way to obtain money is through betting

More than just playing, you can even be a spectator and predict who will be the winner in an online tournament.

10. Minecraft

The popular construction video game worldwide, it is an eternal game option where you do not have a specific goal, other than to build a city as big as you want. 

Bitquest is one of the Minecraft servers  in which players have the possibility to exchange emeralds – a very exclusive mineral obtained within the game – for bits or fractions of a bitcoin

Simply put, Minecraft  players  can sell virtual items through this cryptocurrency.

Which game is best for earning money?

We have just shared with you a wide selection of options to enable you earn money from games from wherever you are.

Remember that there are many ways to be successful when playing and that all require an investment of time and effort to stand out as a player.

In short, creating a Twitch or YouTube channel to share your games, or providing Coaching services to other players so that they continue to focus on their goals as gamers , are some of the strategies you can implement to monetize your passion.

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