Make money with genuine online business in Nigeria 2023

If you want to transform your life and make extra money with genuine online business in Nigeria, then without a doubt this material is for you.

The search for “lucrative online businesses” has grown a lot, especially in recent months, due to the pandemic that the world is facing.

Many people lost their jobs, others had to close the physical business they owned and were left without an income to live on.

If this is your case, or if you have a job, but you don’t like it and can’t wait to work at home, earning money over the internet , spending more time with your family and getting rid of hours lost in traffic, this article was made especially for you.

Here you will find the best business ideas on the internet , to get inspired and choose the one that has more to do with you and your goals.

It’s not just ideas, it’s what has really worked for hundreds of thousands of people and that makes a huge financial return.

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Through them, I have seen many lives transform in a matter of a few months and years.

What are online businesses?

Online businesses are businesses carried out over the internet.

Any type of business that works on the internet is an online business, such as an e-commerce.

According to a survey conducted by the website , approximately 1.8 billion people buy online over the world.

Also according to the survey, in 2018, e-retail sales generated 2.8 trillion dollars worldwide and it is estimated that, by 2024, growth will be up to 4.8 trillion dollars.

Projections indicate that it is also in 2024, 17.5% of sales worldwide will be online.

Among the several factors that influence this growth are:

• Increased internet access worldwide;
• Low cost to create an online business (in relation to a physical business);
• Easier to create online presence;
• Greater reach of online businesses;
• Evolution of financial platforms;
• For those starting out as a digital entrepreneur , an online business requires less investment than a physical business.

In addition, internet businesses also offer greater possibilities for action and are less risky.

You may want to ask…

How do I start a genuine online business in Nigeria?

Make money with genuine online business in Nigeria 2023

Before investing in an internet business opportunity in Nigeria, you need to develop an entrepreneurial mindset .

That’s because, even though the internet offers a world of lucrative online business possibilities, you need to be aware that this opportunity is open to everyone; both in and outside Nigeria.

In other words, the competitiveness of this market is as gigantic as the business opportunities on the internet.

To stand out and be a successful entrepreneur, it is first necessary to choose your niche market well.

If you like games and everything related to the geek world, you can work with this niche and, for example, record videos giving game and movie tips, teaching game tricks, showing the market news, anyway …

Also, if you like technology and are always well informed about computers, software, etc., you can create your business on this topic and even create your own product.

These are just examples, but there are varying types of genuine online business in Nigeria and you can create yours according to what you like to talk about, what you have a lot of experience with or some training.

A very interesting and effective way to choose a niche market to create your online business is to identify a need within the market as a whole.

To do this, you need to conduct a research and find out what people are looking for, what pain they have and who are looking for a solution(s).

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From the moment you identify this pain, you will know what to offer this audience .

Once you have your niche defined, it’s time to move on to the next steps, which are: hosting and domain of your website or blog.

• Accommodation

Every online business needs a website or blog. In order to exist, the website or blog needs a hosting, because it will put your website on the air.

Hostgator is an excellent tool for this and you do not need to spend a lot of money to hire.

• Domain

Another thing that you need to have to create your online business is to have a domain, that is, a name for your website or blog.

Choose your online business name wisely.

Think of a name that is related to what your business offers.

Once you’ve defined your niche, choosing a domain is easier.

Online business ideas are not lacking, but you need to search for information about the available alternatives, to make a good choice.

So take the time to do this task. Don’t be in a hurry, dedicate yourself and be assertive.

List of genuine online businesses you can start with little capital

I believe that the vast majority of people who want to create a business on the internet have little investment, which probably would not be possible if it were to create a physical business, as the investment would be much higher.

The internet allows you to create an online business with little capital in Nigeria
See now our list of how to make money with legit online businesses in Nigeria in 2023 and beyond.

1.) Create websites

Even though there is a huge variety of tools and templates ready, many people do not know how to create a website or prefer to hire a professional because they choose something more sophisticated.

If you have technical knowledge about creating websites , this is a great deal for you to join.

You can generate a lot of revenue by offering your service, creating websites with design and structure according to the objectives and taste of the customer.

There are several tools for creating websites on the market, but WordPress is the most used by entrepreneurs worldwide.

WordPress offers everything you need to create websites, from scratch and, being a very intuitive tool, anyone can use it without difficulty, even if they don’t understand anything about programming.

2.) Produce web content

Many people make a living producing articles , videos , podcasts, among other formats.

Content is very important to generate revenue, as it is from there that you will attract the target audience and gain authority so that, later on, you can offer a product or service related to the content.

Another way to generate income with content is through affiliate links throughout the content and ads.

It is increasingly proven that content is an important differentiator for the success of a company, whether online or physical.

In fact, in order not to be left behind, the big retail brands had to adapt and started producing content for the public on the internet.

You can take advantage of this opportunity and earn money with content production for companies or for yourself and monetize your content.

3.) Create courses and offer lectures online

genuine online business in Nigeria

The creation of courses is a great alternative to profitable businesses on the internet, as you create the course only once and can sell hundreds of times, without “drying out the source”.

Unlike you offer a face-to-face course, in which you need to travel to the place, spend on transportation, food, etc., and still have to repeat everything in each class. The difference is great, isn’t it?

However, you need to keep your course up to date so that it continues to generate good results.

The lecture is also another online business alternative on how to make money with legit online businesses in Nigeria 2021.

But this time, you need to be live, so that people can participate through questions sent in the comments.

Thus, the lecture becomes much more attractive and dynamic, as if it were in person.

4.) Review content

As important as the content is the review of it.

The content review guarantees the quality of the text, in addition to having optimization strategies for search engines and also the insertion of links that will monetize the content.

Due to the demands of the online market and the importance of content to generate sales and satisfied customers, the demand for content review is also increasing.

In addition to reviewing online content, you can also review TCC (Course Completion Work) for university students, academic articles, official documents (with specialization).

5.) Import products from China

Another great idea for profitable business over the internet in Nigeria is the resale of products from China.

It is possible to import products from China at very low prices, due to the low cost of production and the reduced taxes in that country.

You can buy large quantities of products and resell them through an online store here in Nigeria.

The variety of products you can choose from is huge and will depend on the niche market you are working with.

You can import and resell clothes, shoes, perfumes, cell phone cases, electronic devices, beauty products, toys …

Many entrepreneurs already do this and import from Aliexpress, but there are many other sites like: 1688,DHgate, Alibaba etc

6.) Participate in surveys

To make improvements in their products or services, and to be more assertive, companies invest in research to collect important data that make it easier for them to identify the points to be improved.

And this can be a great opportunity for you to make money in Nigeria, as many of these companies pay to collect consumer information.

The surveys are conducted in several formats, such as an individual interview or focused on a specific group or through the application of a questionnaire, for example.

7.) Sell photos

genuine online business in Nigeria

Another online business that you can make money from and that will always be in demand is selling photos.

Internet communication is very visual.

A text published on social media is read by more people if it is accompanied by an image.

Today, everything requires images, be it companies, websites, people, social networks…

That is why photographers and photography lovers are generating income by selling their photos.

The sale of photos is made directly to the customer or through a register on specialized websites.

Some of these sites where you can register and start selling your photos in an automated way are: Shutterstock, Adobe stock etc

8.) Sell on marketplaces

Marketplaces are those sites where several companies advertise their products.

In comparison with traditional commerce, it would be as if the marketplace were a mall where several stores are gathered, from the most varied niches.

Marketplaces receive a fee for each sale made by aggregate stores.

In this type of business you pay an amount for the visibility that your store will have and also for the structure of the marketplace.

Some examples of marketplaces are Amazon, Free market and the likes.

9.) Create applications

Application creation is on the rise in the digital market, and the trend is projected to grow even more.

This is because more and more people are using smartphones for everything from doing research, sending messages and, mainly, shopping.

So, if you have technical knowledge to create applications, this is another profitable business alternative on the internet for you to enter while here in Nigeria.

If you do not know how to develop an application, but would like to enter this market, you can invest in courses to become a professional.

However, you need to be aware that it may be necessary to invest a considerable amount of money to create an app.

Even with so many applications on the market, there is always a good idea to be launched.

10.) Sell game skins

Another very profitable business that the games market generated was the purchase and sale of game skins.

Game skins are the costumes, equipment, weapons, cars, in short, everything that is related to the appearance of games.

Many people already make money on the internet in Nigeria by buying and selling skins.

So, if you like games and are willing to invest in game skins to generate a good income, this is a great online business alternative for you.

But, you don’t have to stick to just this alternative. You can reconcile this business with one that identifies itself on the list.

11.) Be a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant acts as a type of secretary.

The virtual assistant will perform tasks such as organizing an agenda, rescheduling meetings, contacting suppliers, tagging digital products …

A virtual assistant can also act in the Customer Service Department.

All of this remotely and in the home office.

12.) Create digital products

A very profitable online business that you can create is a digital product (or infoproduct).

Many entrepreneurs start with a blog, offering valuable content to the public and, after building a considerable audience, they launch a digital product.

When you build a strong audience, you are seen as an authority on that subject, which makes it much easier to convert leads into loyal customers and your brand advocate.

There are several types of digital products for you to create, such as:

• E-books;
• Speeches;
• Video courses;
• Themes for WordPress;
• Podcasts …

13.) Create a marketing and advertising agency

This type of business can be done online and with the entire team working in the home office , without the need to rent a physical space, as it was before.

All the technology that exists today allows meetings to be held through videoconference, work to be presented through slides displayed on the screen of each team member, in short.

All professionals involved in a marketing and advertising company are fully adapted to this new way of working and even share spaces, the so-called cowork.

In order for the work of these professionals to be carried out in the best possible way, without prejudice, automation systems have been developed that facilitate all the processes involved.

14.) Buy products on promotion and sell at a higher price

Many people already earn a lot of money on the internet by reselling products purchased in promotions.

In this type of internet business in Nigeria, you need to always be aware of the promotions that appear in online stores, because this is where the opportunities to make a lot of profits are.

You just need to buy the products that are on sale and resell them at a higher price, as you normally would be before the promotion.

If this is the business model that interests you, stay tuned for promotions that arise and enjoy.

Legit online business benefits

genuine online business in Nigeria

The benefits of an online business are innumerable, but here we leave you the most relevant ones.

Low investment business. Creating such a legit online business usually requires a minimal investment. If in the future your business idea gains weight and guarantees, you can continue to grow. If the idea, on the other hand, has been wrong, you will have lost little money. In this way you can continue to undertake new and better projects.

Scalable business . The businesses carried out in the network can have a great growth in volume and billing of products and services. Initially identified needs are unlikely to change. For this reason, your sales will increase in a scalable way depending on how you make your work known. Take advantage of all the advantages that the internet offers and find out about all the profitable businesses.

• With this concept we refer to the fact that it satisfies the needs of a group of people or users. In other words, your business can serve more than one person. With your online business you solve the satisfaction of a demanded need. A web business model must have experience in the market and know its digital environment.

You don’t need an exact physical location . This type of business does not need a physical location since they are offshored. We find them within the network. This reduces location problems, streamlining the project and saving on expenses.

Monitorable: a great advantage over these businesses is the fact of measuring and monitoring the results obtained. You know your users and how they behave. By measuring and knowing your user, you achieve greater profitability.

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You do not need your own product. In many business cases you act as an intermediary between the products offered for sale. Obviously not having your own product is not going to give you as much profitability, but it is a good way to start earning income. Not having stock of your product equates to a lower investment.

Support digital globalization. Online businesses go beyond digitization. Pretend to satisfy new needs with new forms of business. The term digital is found throughout our day to day and more and more traditional businesses lose weight.


As you have seen, legit online businesses with which to make money are not lacking in Nigeria.

Some of the ideas presented in this article require technique and prior knowledge, but that does not mean that you cannot develop the necessary skills.

However, I advise you to create your online business from the skills and experiences you already have and, mainly, that is related to what you like to talk and do.

Another tip is to create your business online and, when it is “walking”, you can start creating another one, if you want, as it is totally possible.

You don’t need to stick to a single niche or choose just one option, from the ones presented here.

The only care is to create one at a time, to have focus and result.

We wish you the very best.

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