Legitimate ways to make money online from home 2023

You too can make money online on google using this methods explained in this article…

Currently there are many legitimate ways to make money online with almost no investment. You just need time and effort to get an extra income or to live on it. There are many who have succeeded.

Why won’t you be one of them?

 If you are constant, you have patience, and you dedicate time and effort to it, it is not difficult to generate extra income online. 

And once you have won something, seeing that it works, you just have to dedicate more time to generate more.

Earning money online in a stable way is not easy but you do not have to be a Bill Gates to have an extra income

Earning money online: a wish with obstacles

Earning money online: a wish with obstacles

Many think that making money online is a simple way to increase the balance of the checking account. There are many promises, ghost courses, success stories that promise income in 24 hours. 

And systems that you would have to work 25 hours a day to get a few euros.

Do not trust those who say that making money online is quick and easy and that it requires neither effort nor knowledge.

It sounds too pretty to be true. The one who makes money will probably be the one who tells you that, fooling people in need.

But making money online is still a good idea, especially in accord with legitmate ways to make money online.

You just have to choose a serious way and work it out. There’s no more. Learn and work. 

Luckily, on the internet you can find very serious people who add a lot of value.

Best ways to make money online on Google

# 1- Make money online with Google Adsense

It is one of the easiest ways to earn money online.

And what do I need to get started? If you like the internet, writing, blogs, social networks, sales … you will have many advantages.

legitmate-ways-to-make-money-online on Google

But as we have said, everything is relatively easy. Write we all know. It’s not about being a novelist. Making a blog is easy and there are a thousand tutorials on the internet and social networks.

If you generate constant and cool content, your followers will grow exponentially, to position a website you have a thousand tips on the internet. 

You just need to be willing, and if you invest some money, everything will be much easier.

Adsense is the ads that Google provides and that you see on most of the blogs you visit. It is very easy to integrate into a blog, which is why it is used so much.

The ads are placed automatically with a script that Adsense provides you and every time someone clicks you get a commission.

To earn money with Adsense you need a blog, the more visits the better, and choose a niche, a sector, where the clicks are paid well.

On the Google Adsense page itself you can see how much you could earn with Adsense, depending on where you live and the sector you write about.

It is not the same to write about history (there are few advertisers and each click could be € 0.1 so you will need many visits) than about investments (there are thousands of advertisers and each click can be more than € 4).

If you like to write and you have mastered a topic, this is a good opportunity. For reference, in a medium niche, with about 1000 visits per day, you could earn more than € 100 a month with Adsense.

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If you like to write and you have mastered a topic, this is a good opportunity. For reference, in a medium niche, with about 1000 visits per day, you could earn more than € 100 a month with Adsense.

# 2- Amazon affiliates and other affiliates

Earning money with affiliates is another of the most common ways to make money online on Google. It consists of signing up for any platform or business as an affiliate. 

They provide you with links to the products they sell and you add them to your blog, newsletter or social networks and every time they click on that link and buy the product, you get a commission .

As you can see there is no expense, beyond domain and hosting. Amazon is the main affiliate marketplace simply because almost everyone buys from Amazon and they know it to be reliable.

If you have a website that talks about mobile phones and you put the Amazon affiliate link, it is easy for your followers to buy through your link.

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Plus, Amazon sells everything so it’s easy to find products to promote, and the commissions aren’t bad.

But Amazon is not the only affiliate programBooking , with the hotels, is also a very good affiliate program that pays a 25% commission. 

If, for example, you talk about a good hotel and they book through your link, 2 nights, two adults, you can easily win € 20. If you have a travel website, it is already taking time to join Booking.

The hosting services such Raiola, Webempresa … also offer affiliate programs for every high in their services, like banks and their mortgage or investment plans.

Depending on the people your website is directed to, you can add product links that may be useful to them.

# 3- Sponsored Post

If you have a blog with many visits you can write and publish sponsored posts . It consists of publishing a post with links to the website of the company or person who hires that post.

This pays well because Google values ​​to position a website that has inbound links . And how to get links naturally is difficult because companies buy those links. 

They are usually companies that are related to the theme or niche of the blog.

If you write about fashion, companies like Zalando will buy you links. If you write business, any bank, for example. You must have, in this case, also, a certain number of visits. 

There are link building companies where you can register your blog and set a price per sponsored post. Companies such as Unancor, Publisuite, Coobis, Prensalink …

To put an approximate figure, with a thousand visits a day you could charge between € 30 and € 60, depending on the sector, per sponsored post.

# 4- Generate content as an expert

If you master a topic you can become an expert and make people pay to enjoy what you know. We are talking about best legitimate ways to make money online on Google for example, with a paid newsletter or with Patreon

You can also build a website with memberships .

If you really offer quality and at a reasonable price, a newsletter can be a source of income. For this you have to have a community, either on social media or on your website that follows you and generate some more specialized content that is paid.

On Patreon you can also offer exclusive content to your community in exchange for a monthly subscription. 

It is valid for anything you offer and you can create different subscriptions. You can offer certain tutorials, articles or videos per month exclusively for subscribers.

For example, if you have a page that talks about restaurants, you can offer your subscribers discounts for certain restaurants.

#5. Influencer

legitmate-ways-to-make-money-online on Google

If you generate good content and have followers on any social network, brands will approach you. Because an influencer has the ability to affect the behavior of other people.

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The marketing of influencers is very common in the industry of fashion, beauty, health or fitness . Although more and more sectors and brands use this marketing as a promotion.

You don’t need thousands of visits. Micro-influencers with less than 100K followers already make money. 

That there is interaction with the community is essential as well as a high rate of interesting publications.

On YouTube, for example, if you generate interesting content and you have an audience, you can monetize it with Google Adsense ads or with affiliate ads.

If you have many followers you can generate profits by creating a product related to your brand , be it a cap, gloves, a T-shirt or a sweatshirt and offer them in pre-sale, so as not to invest until you know the products you are going to sell.

# 6- Make money online with your personal brand

One of the most profitable systems to get money online , because you are creating a brand. The more your brand is recognized, the more you can charge for your services.

Creating your personal brand is a very good investment and can be used for any sector. For everything related to the web (programmers, designers, seos …), for people related to coaching, for health issues (psocologists, for example), consultants, advisors, lawyers, photographers, cooks, entrepreneurs, communicators, marketers …

It is simply about getting qualified traffic (looking for your services) to your personal website to gain visibility. Companies are already very used to hiring services online.

A powerful website, with work done and success stories or a portfolio are essential. If you can invest in promoting it even better. And social networks help a lot.

# 7- Dropshipping

Dropshipping consists of selling other people’s products without buying the stock . You sell someone else’s products through your dropshipping platform (link), but the products are in the supplier’s warehouses and the supplier also handles the shipping.

The problem is that if there are returns or complaints, you are the one who shows your face. That is why you must make sure that you have a good supplier and sell quality products.

Dropshipping providers there are a lot of, practically, all sectors (fashion, technology, erotic products, home, garden, health, beauty …).

The difficult thing is to attract visitors to your online store unless you already have customers or a small community.

Another way to dropship is to find suppliers yourself at fairs or in your area. Physical stores that do not sell online and to which you can sell online in exchange for a commission. 

Or nearby producers of wine, beers, cheeses, crafts that do not have internet sales. 

It will allow you a higher commission and closer treatment.

# 8- Ecommerce

The numbers say that online commerce does not stop growing and it seems that it will continue to do so in the coming years. Creating an online store is not cheap, but it is more so than creating a physical store.

It requires investment, but if you have found some items that you think can be sold online, go ahead. 

Of course, no matter how much you know how to build an online store, you will have to invest in buying stock and in marketing actions to position your online store well. Having traffic is essential.

Well, start with single-product stores or selling on Marketplace such as Ebay or Amazon.

# 9- Stockshipping

The stock purchase is shipping products to manufacturers, usually Chinese, and cute shops by product or very few products sell quickly taking advantage of paid advertising campaigns on social networks or search engine.

Here, the difficult thing is to find good products. If they are really good, they will sell very well because they are usually very cheap. 

It is best to contact someone in China, but you can do it by buying from Alibaba, for example.

The idea is clear. If a product here costs € 40 and if I buy it in China and it costs me, already in home country, € 15 or € 20, it is clear that I am going to make a profit, even if I sell it in Wallapop.

We are talking about products such as hot air fryers, vertical plates, vacuum cleaners, makeup sets … Look for supplier products in Alibabá and look for bargains. If you can talk to the provider, so much the better.

# 10- Sale on second-hand platforms like Wallapop

Selling second-hand products online can be a good business because it sells, a lot. Don’t focus on Wallapop only. Vibbo, milanuncios, Ebay, Vinted if it’s clothes …

Obviously the first thing is to start selling everything you have left over at home, which, sure, there are many things. 

Once you start selling you will see that it is not that difficult. And everything is sold.

A good profile, good photos and descriptions, the location, a paid promotion of a product, having several objects for sale … are some of the keys to selling quickly and well.

To set the price, do a search for similar products and put a reasonable price. And when you get the hang of it, you can encourage yourself to sell other people’s things.

Legitimate ways to make money online on Google from home

# 11- Print on demand

You can sell products online without investing a euro with printing on demand, it is one of the best legitmate ways to make money online at home without any risk. 

It is about customizing products, whether they be t-shirts, hats, backpacks, posters, puzzles, mugs, towels … to sell them online through platforms such as the toaster or Printful, although there are many more.

These platforms allow you to create a free online store on their website so that you can sell your designs. They only print the product when there is a sale.

It is also a good way to monetize your blog or your social networks, offering personalized products for you. A good promotion will help in sales

# 12 Selling crafts on Etsy and other platforms

Etsy is an expanding platform where it is very easy to set up an online store to sell artisan products. 

There are others, such as the Post Office Marketplace, focused on local producers and which also allows the sale of handicrafts.

Think that when you sell your products, whatever the platform, you have to take it as a business. So, take your time and do things right.

Look at other sellers, classify your products well, take good photos and descriptions, create labels and promote your products as much as you can. Be proactive.

# 13- Editor or translator

If there are two professions in which you will have no problems making money online , these are those of translator and editor.

There are many platforms where you can offer your services and you do not need to have a degree in translation or journalism.

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The main translation platforms where you can leave your work are Gengo, Smarting, One hour Traslation, Unbabel or Text Master.

They are looking for professional and semi-professional translators and you work as a freelancer. They provide you with translations and you invoice them.

Copywriters on the internet are looking to write on any topic. When you are starting out, the problem is that they usually pay very little for the effort required to write articles on topics that, surely, you have to document yourself.

They will not ask you for a degree, but they will ask for articles that you have written. Platforms that are dedicated to sponsored posts such as Publisuite or Leolytics, among others, are always looking for writers. 

And you can offer your services, directly, to the thematic blogs that you control the most so that you can write more naturally and quickly.

If you are looking for a bit, both as a translator and as an editor, you will have no problem receiving commissions.

# 14- Freelance


On the internet there is a high demand for freelance services. Obviously, the most sought after are those related to the internet. Web designer, editor, programmer, graphic design, 3D, illustrators, marketing, video …

To begin with, it is essential to set up a profile on the different freelance platforms , as well as on the main social networks. 

There are many platforms but to name a few freelancer, Fiverr, Guru, soyfreelancer …

# 15- Private classes, especially, languages

The pandemic has allowed us to discover that, from home, in front of the computer, many things can be done just as well as in person.

And private classes are one of those things. And especially languages , where practice is very important. 

In addition, hiring classes online saves the trip to the academy, or having to take your child, for example.

You can advertise in schools or large work centers near your home, on social networks and if you want to reach more people, do not hesitate to make a website.

Fundamental, prepare your computer for online classes , with zoom-type programs, where you can show both the webcam and your computer screen for explanations.

# 16- Create infoproducts or online courses

Infoproducts are training products that are offered through the internet . The main characteristic is that they are very specific products referring to very specific topics.

An info product could be about Excel for experts, WordPress course to make a website, about TikTok or any social network …

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How to make money on tiktok by watching videos

The advantage of these courses is that they are easy to create and involve a passive income . You make them, you put them up for sale and you don’t have anything else to do.

The price is usually low but more and more are being sold. If you make an info-product, you sell it for € 20 and 500 people buy it, well, € 10,000 profit.

These infoproducts are usually recorded on video, so they are usually quick to make, and the computer screen is recorded to make them very practical.

There are infoproducts of everything. Marketing, interior design, social networks, photography, video, software, tattoo, crochet, personal shopper, furniture construction, architecture, business, personal development … If you are a specialist in something, do not hesitate to launch an info-product.

There are platforms where you can put them up for sale like Udemy, Hotmart, Crehana, Domestika… If you create your own website (it is not difficult to build a landing to sell downloadable products) and you advertise your course well, all the benefits will be for you.

# 17- Trafficker

One of the most demanding and practical professions is that of Digital Trafficker . The trafficker is in charge of managing the advertising of the websites. To bring traffic to those businesses that have no visibility.

It is usually done through advertising campaigns on social networks and search engines, taking advantage of the fact that clicks are not usually very expensive. 

To make money online on Google, you are interested in knowing about this, because for little money you can get many visits and conversions.

These campaigns are also widely used to bring customers to physical businesses, especially using advertising on social networks. The power of this advertising is segmentation.

 You can choose who the ads appear to; Men or women, of what age, from what city, with what interests …

# 18- Microtasks or Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is an action carried out by companies by subcontracting a large number of people to carry out microtasks .

Although it is not yet implemented in Spain, Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a crowdsourcing market that makes it easier for people and companies to outsource processes and jobs to people who can perform these tasks virtually.

This could include, from data research to more subjective tasks such as participating in surveys, testing applications, visiting websites, giving likes …

There are platforms where you can sign up for these simple jobs or tasks. Microworkers, picoworkers or Fiverr are some of them.

# 19 Buy a business that works

Have you seen any ecommerce, Adsense blog, affiliate page or YouTube channel that you like?

It is much easier to buy a business that is already underway than to start from scratch because it already has a few visits, a brand and an income.

If you see an online business that you like, try talking directly to the owners to see if they would be willing to sell it. 

Many digital entrepreneurs are dedicated to starting projects, making them profitable and selling them.

Websites like Trustiu are dedicated to buying and selling businesses online. The price?… Usually the average of what was billed in a month during the last year is multiplied by 12 or 24.

This, simply, like paying a transfer for a physical business.

# 20- Look for a telecommuting job

More and more companies offer jobs that you can do from home online. Teleworking has come to stay and companies have seen that teleworking is very positive for both parties: both for the business and for the worker.

Job portals already offer many remote jobs.

Benefits of working online from home

• It is a very flexible way to generate income . Anyone who wants to earn money online is not tied to a fixed location and, as a general rule, is not tied to strict schedules.

• You can work from home, from a cafe or from a coworking , all you need is a desktop or laptop computer and a stable Internet connection.

You determine the workload yourself.

• In most ways to make money online, the scope of activity is set by yourself. In other words, you decide if you work two, five, ten or forty hours a week. It depends on you.

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This way, you can tailor the effort to your situation. The more hours you dedicate, the more you will earn.

You can combine different ways to earn money online . You don’t have to limit yourself to just one shape. 

If you have the time and the necessary skills, you can combine different alternatives and thereby generate more income.

• You have less expense than working in a physical space . You will save on trips, meals …

Advice not to fail: start now

Once the method is chosen, a minimum viable project begins for it. Doing things, working, is how you really learn.

Do not wait to have everything under control to start. Because, anyway, your first project goes wrong but with the accumulated experience you will see more clearly the steps to follow.

Good luck!

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