How to grow my small business online (2023 guide)

If you are thinking: how to grow my small business online? Perhaps you have been applying the wrong strategies or they have not completely given the results you expect.

Having a growing company is not an easy task, in addition to effective strategies, the leader must have perseverance and perseverance to see the fruits of his business.

If you think that you have applied strategies and you still do not see the light at the end of the tunnel, in this article you will learn new strategies that can help you increase your sales online.

Online business growth strategies

How to grow my small business online

In a market so saturated with competitors, you may have overlooked some strategies that can change the course of your business and others on how to grow your business online.

That is why we mention some that you cannot ignore if you want to expand your company on the internet:

(1. The market vs the product you offer

“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.”

Seth Godin American businessman.

Does your product or service really adapt to the current needs of the market? Have you evaluated your target audience and do you think you offer what they need? In some cases, the product offered by a company does not adapt to the requirements or it must wait a little longer.

You can see yourself in the middle of two options:

  • Reassess the needs of your target audience and see how you can adapt the already launched service.
  • Wait for your product or service to continuously mold itself to the market.

If you choose the second option, you must have a source of income in parallel with your company.

(2. More than a company create a brand.

How to grow my small business online

Users want rewarding experiences and this can only be possible through brands. Have you launched a generic product or service? It may have worked for you for a couple of months and now you’re looking at static sales, and that’s when you’re wondering how to grow my small business online.

Focus on an emotion that your brand can convey and create an optimization strategy. So you can sell to your customers in addition to a product, a conscious or unconscious emotion that will generate satisfaction.

(3. Digital marketing adapted to your business model

Some companies make the serious mistake of believing that digital marketing strategies work or are better suited to a company that has been in the market for years. A professional knows what strategies to employ in a small or medium-sized business.

A digital marketing plan adapted to your business model will allow your target audience to reach you. Since what are the objectives of digital marketing?

  • Increase the possibility of attracting users who are really interested in your product or service.
  • Connect with the needs of the user and thus not guarantee a single purchase, but also retain a customer.
  • Create content and reach the customer through images, advertising texts, videos and articles.
  • Continuously attract clients with organic SEO web positioning strategies.
  • Efficient results at a low cost in relation to profits.

(4. Establish close communication with your potential clients

If the user has seen your product or service on your website, the second thing they want is to know everything about it . That is why creating a blog section is one of the most effective communication strategies.

If you have sufficiently evaluated your target audience you will know how to refer to them and satisfy their needs through persuasive and informative writing.

(5. Adapt your website or ecommerce to mobile devices

This adaptability went from being an indispensable requirement to a necessity. And it is that with the increase of purchases through the mobile device your website or ecommerce has to adjust to the new ways in which electronic commerce works. Sure, this is if you are still wondering: how to grow my small business online.

There are 2 methods in which you can adapt your web design to mobile devices:

Responsive or adaptable design

In this case, the website template and its elements are adapted to the devices. This type of design has some characteristics in common:

  • They use the same URLs so users can share or link your content from computers and mobile devices.
  • They do not redirect, this helps considerably in the loading time of your page since the user leaves the web impatiently.
  • This design makes indexing work much easier for Google. Why? So Google will not have to crawl various links, thus optimizing your search.

Dynamic publication

In this case, there are two forms of URL for mobile devices and for computers. To create this configuration it must be carried out by an expert in web design, since if the pertinent modifications are not made to Google, it will take twice as much work to index both links.

(6. Create continuous advertising campaigns

In perseverance is the key. Some entrepreneurs find it difficult to believe that paid advertising can be a way to achieve more sales and thus expand their business on the internet.

These are personalized and you can pay per click cost. It has three great allies that make its use effective:

  • The search for keywords that help position the product or service.
  • Segmentation by age, professionalism and region.
  • The use of negative words, so you make it clear that for example your product is not free, but that it has a cost. This will get traffic to your page that is really interested in what you offer as a business.

(7. The use of Big Data to increase sales

How to grow my small business online

Big data refers to the volume of data that we can obtain. This data can be accurate and imprecise. Professionals refer to this data as a set of variations ranging from 30 to 50 terabytes.

For this reason, to get the most out of big data, it is necessary to include another customer relationship management (CRM) tool in order to obtain precision.

For example, you can make use of big data with all the information that your website collects when a user accesses it . So you can get information like:

  • Keywords that the user is searching for.
  • Country or region.
  • Products that generate more number of clicks
  • A map where you can see which landing pages your users are on and enhance them with new strategies.

The function of big data to increase sales is clear, the personalization of the product or service through the information collected to personalize the campaigns and make them more successful.

An example of the effectiveness of learning to extract this data and use it in favor of the brand are large companies such as Amazon, Netflix, Apple, Starbucks, among others.

(8. Reduce risks with an insurance policy

A fundamental element in the growth of a company is having an insurance provider. Why? Millions of companies have gone through the process of losing employee data, current customer records, and more.

This can be a very expensive price to pay, as you can lose your customer loyalty and reputation as a brand . That is why it is important to have an insurance policy that supports the information and options to recover or create lawsuits.

(9. Adaptability to change

Although it is important to define whether your product or service is important for the market, you can also think: Are there elements that I can modify to change its impact? When a small business grows, it is because it makes its strategies more flexible.

Try different approaches to your business model and through trial and error find the middle ground.

(10. Maximize the shopping experience

Being attentive to details is what makes the user feel really cared for. From the moment he tries to contact you for the first time, this process of rewarding experience begins. That is why it is important that you have infallible weapons such as:

  • A professional and intuitive web design.
  • Micro-interactions. 
  • Buttons and calls to action.
  • Frequently asked questions section.
  • Business WhatsApp.

(11. Invest constantly

In your beginnings you must be patient, because all the money that you earn, which may be little in your beginnings, must be reinvested in the business. Although at first it may seem tedious, it is what will guarantee the stable success of your company.

(12. Build relationships on social media

Steps on how to grow my small business online

How to grow my business on the internet? Including social media. If your business does not yet have a presence on social networks and you feel that as a leader you do not have these social media strategies to use, hire a specialized person for it.

In social networks there are potential clients browsing in search of what you can offer them. The important thing is to know where your product could be sold.

We explain some modalities that each one has:

Facebook: You could segment a campaign with Facebook Ads to reach your target audience or sell your products through Marketplace.

Instagram: It is the most visual social network and in which millennials spend most of the time, so if this is your target audience you should put all your efforts on this profile. On Instagram you can reach millions of users through paid stories and paid advertising.

Twitter: If your company or business is professional, tweets will highlight your intellect. Through tweets written with the communicational tone of your audience you can reach more users.

YouTube : Although it is not exactly a social network where you can communicate through a private message or chat with others, it is a place with a lot of visibility. You can create paid advertising or create videos in an organic way with useful content for your potential clients.

That’s it on the top strategies on how to grow my small online. Leave us a comment with which strategy you have already applied in your business. 

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