LinkedIn for Business: 13 opportunities that (almost) nobody is seeing

Chances are you’re wasting LinkedIn’s potential for business.

In my opinion, this platform is like a saddled horse that is passing under your nose and perhaps you are ignoring it.

I don’t know if you know that expression of the saddled horse, but it works like this …

Do you know that kind of opportunity that comes complete, with everything you need (whether you know it or not) and is there just waiting to be used?

That one, which doesn’t usually show up all the time and even looks too good to be true?

That’s what I’m talking about.

I say this because LinkedIn for Business offers many opportunities to promote a business and is scarcely explored.

To give you an idea, of the 500 million active users today, only 3 million share content weekly . And you should already know what content is the power in digital marketing.

I honestly think it is a tremendous waste, since many entrepreneurs have in their hands the chance to leverage the business with the various opportunities offered by this social network.

It turns out that many of these opportunities are going unnoticed by many companies.

Almost nobody is watching and this is great news for you.

Because the little competition that still exists on LinkedIn allows you to swim in strokes when promoting your brand .

In addition to making the cost per lead on the platform much cheaper than other more popular communication channels out there.

And you still have a much more targeted audience, which allows your ads to have more effective results.

My mission here is that you don’t let this saddled horse pass.

If you want to know how to take advantage of the platform to leverage your business, just stay here with me.

Because in this article I show you not one, but 13 opportunities that LinkedIn offers to boost your company’s results.

But before that, just look at how it works and why you should include this social network in your strategy:

How does LinkedIn for Business work?

How linkedin for business works

The LinkedIn is a powerful dedicated social network for business.

It now has more than 26 million companies from various branches and segments and is very useful to find new professionals, but not just for that.

Not all companies that have a profile on the social network intend to seek new employees, some are only active to show their work and publish relevant materials.

This platform is also efficient when it comes to interacting with the public and attracting new customers to your business.

In addition, many companies invest in this social network to receive feedback from users and, with the result obtained, improve their performance.

In this network, contacts are called connections, which is a kind of connection between users that makes it possible to connect people and companies that share the same professional interests.

Your connections may be people you know or not, but ideally, they should be linked to your area of ​​expertise . These are the contacts that you can follow directly and reach with your publications.

And the truth is that you have not only your network of connections, but the network of all the people with whom you are connected.

It works like this: if you have 100 connections and those 100 also have another 100, it means that your profile will be available to a total of 10,000 connections almost directly.

And if you want to spread your brand ideas, strengthen and win both customers and professionals, you have a much greater impact on this social network.

Now, you may want to know …

Why include LinkedIn for Business in your strategy

Why include LinkedIn for business in your strategy

The biggest function of the network is the possibility of offering and applying for job vacancies. However, by applying the right marketing strategy , LinkedIn can offer much more.

LinkedIn can help drive your business growth and leverage your recognition as an authority in the field.

Including this social network today in your marketing strategy is a good request, since it is a great tool to build a solid networking base, prospect and work with the engagement of potential new customers.

In addition, it is possible to interact with people in the same area and exchange experiences with people who can offer you connections for future business.

The business pages have specific sections for the presentation of products and services, and, just like on Facebook, your followers will receive through the feed all updates posted, such as phrases , status, links and images .

With an active professional profile you can also advertise on LinkedIn and promote your content to a highly segmented audience, in addition to helping you with your SEO strategy, since the pages are also indexed by Google and other search engines.

With that, you have the best of both worlds: paid traffic and organic traffic.

That is, you have a real showcase on this social network.

Now that you know the advantages of investing in LinkedIn, come with me and I’ll show you how to take the first step.

Step by step to create a corporate page on LinkedIn

How to create a corporate page on LinkedIn

The first thing you need to do, before any of the tips that I will give in this article, is to create your own Company Page.

For this, you need to have a personal profile on Linkedin, be active on the network and declare to the platform that you speak for the company and are responsible for the content published on the page.

From there, just follow the step by step below:

1 – Click on the “Solutions” tab, which is in the upper right corner of the home page, and then on “Create a Company Page”.

In this step, you choose which category your company is currently in.

2 – Complete your registration information

Note: The name of your page does not have to be unique, but the URL does.

Only with a unique URL will search engines and platform users find your page.

3 – Confirm that you can create a page on behalf of the company, in the checkbox, and then click on the “create page” button.

4 – Click “Start now” to start your corporate page.

If you still have questions about how to do this process, click here to see a more detailed guide made by LinkedIn itself.

Tip: try to use a corporate email (for example, when creating your account on the platform.

Now that you know why to use it and the step by step of how to create your corporate account on LinkedIn, it’s time to see the 13 tips I have separated for you to grow your business with this social network:

13 Ways to Get the Best of LinkedIn for Business

How to get the best of LinkedIn for business

Now let’s get down to business: here are 13 opportunities that LinkedIn offers for your company to promote itself efficiently and stand out from the competition .

Prepare the pencil and paper that has a lot here to apply today in your business.

(1. Find highly targeted customers and connections

This is an excellent social network for finding people who will be more willing to invest in what you offer.

Seriously. LinkedIn segmentation is unmatched in digital marketing .

This is because it is a great database of information about all registered professionals.

It has information that other social networks do not have, much more specific, such as education level, for example.

This is great for companies to focus on the industry, the type of company and the position they know they would normally buy your product or service from.

(2. Customize your URL

As soon as your Company Page is created, you automatically get a standard URL.

Only, if you want to be found more easily by both users and Google, the ideal thing is that your URL is personalized.

This tip is especially important for those who have a lot of connection with potential customers.

You can claim this with LinkedIn support on the settings icon, asking for it to contain your company name (if it is still available).

The important thing is that it is a simple and friendly URL .

My suggestion is that you choose the same extension that you usually use on other social networks.

(3. Complete the “Summary” section

Don’t make the mistake of many profiles and business pages, which is neglecting the summary section.

This is a valuable space. Think about it: you have 2,000 characters to speak to your target audience, directly and persuasively.

People like and want to connect with the brand, even before the product or service offered, and this is your opportunity to introduce yourself to potential customers.

Write in the first person, use complete sentences and be clear .

(4. Start with connections and create relationships

The essence of LinkedIn is the connection between professionals. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take it a step further in your relationship with other users.

Take advantage of your connections with potential customers, strategic partners and other entrepreneurs to strengthen ties and create lasting relationships .

(5. Publish high quality content

Now you ask me: “but how am I going to create this relationship with LinkedIn users?”

Again, the answer is: content.

Through the creation and sharing of content that is relevant to its target audience , it must achieve two objectives:

• teach your audience how to solve a problem

• establish you as a leader and a reference on the subject

These two things naturally lead to more sales in the end.

To help you with this process, LinkedIn offers a feature that allows you to make publications on its own platform, called Pulse.

The LinkedIn Pulse is a dedicated tool for content production and is much like a blog.

In it, users can write articles and share them with their connections, allowing an important exchange of ideas and interaction between network professionals.

In addition to written content, you can include photos, videos and links to make your content even more attractive.

Then, it is still possible to measure reach with the number of views and likes of the publication.

Despite being exclusive to users and not open to corporate pages, you can enjoy the benefits of LinkedIn Pulse.

Just create your content as an individual and then share on your company page.

(6. Create a content schedule

You already know that you can (and should) invest in content on your page.

That, in addition to creating articles with LinkedIn Pulse, you can share relevant materials made by your personal profile or external links, including other communication channels of your company.

In addition, your company can create small daily posts to share experiences and curiosities about processes within your company with your followers, for example.

It turns out that in order to actually become an influencer that is worth following closely, it is important that you maintain a frequency of posts and that they are organized.

Therefore, it is essential to establish a content agenda . Set up a scheme that guarantees your regular presence on the platform.

Just don’t forget that the content needs to be relevant, no mere entertainment.

Don’t deviate from the main goal of delivering value to your audience.

(7. Measure the performance of your publications

Content produced, organized and shared?

Now it’s time to closely monitor and analyze information such as the number of views, clicks and engagement in your company’s latest publications.

This process is essential to identify what worked best for your audience and to know which strategies to keep or not in future publications.

(8. Place ads on the platform

You can also advertise on LinkedIn. Having a corporate page allows you to take sponsored actions to promote your content.

The ads reach more people, but they require an investment.

But it is a worthwhile investment. In Brazil alone, around 35 million people can be reached with LinkedIn ads .

As you’ve seen here, the ability to target and focus is often superior to that of other networks, such as Facebook.

Through a LinkedIn sponsored update, you can segment your niche , increase website visitors and, if the content is attractive, generate sales leads .

That is, this is a great opportunity to bring high quality traffic to your website in a short period of time.

There are 3 types of ads that LinkedIn offers, that is, the types of LinkedIn Ads.

• Sponsored Content;

• Text Ads;

• Sponsored InMail.

I will explain one by one in detail.

Sponsored Content

Translating into Portuguese, this is the famous sponsored content.

This format promotes your own material, but to use the tool you must have a company page, since the content will direct to your company’s profile.

Text Ads

This is the most similar to Google Ads, because this type of ad works as an external link, that is, it will direct users to your site. You don’t need to have a company page.

Sponsored InMail

This format is what attracts the most attention of the user, because it is a message sent directly to his personal inbox.

For this very reason, it can only be done through a new account, as a LinkedIn account manager .

Ready! Now that you know what LinkedIn Ads is, it’s easier to create your ad.

There are 3 very simple steps:

• Go to “LinkedIn Ads campaign manager”

• Click on “create campaign” (or Create Campaign)

• Select the best campaign that fits your goal

When one of the options is selected, you simply name the campaign and create it.

(9. Create and actively participate in groups

For those who want to invest in networking, lead generation, increased authority and several other benefits for your company, I suggest keeping an eye on LinkedIn groups.

In this space, professionals with interests similar to yours and even your target audience open discussion forums and exchange experiences directly.

This is a great way to hear what your audience is needing or wanting to know. From here, you can get lots of ideas for creating your free content.

In addition, actively participating in these groups helps you to strengthen your brand and your reference position in the market.

(10. Take care of your Company Page image

The image of your Company Page must be compatible with your brand. This is an important point for the presence and credibility of your page.

Images, colors and content must be consistent with your website and any other social media profile the company has.

Refresh the page regularly, so that the brand is active and always current.

Have you ever encountered a profile or page that is totally out of date or that is fed well from time to time, without any organization?

I have. And, for me, this company loses morale when that happens.

Because it just shows that she is not interested in generating value for her audience, or that she neglects an important communication channel with the client.

So, in addition to the image, take care of the presence of your page on the platform.

(11. Don’t overdo the sales

It may seem strange to say that, but it is what it is.

As much as your ultimate goal with your LinkedIn marketing strategy is to increase your sales, you need to be careful about the way you conduct it.

LinkedIn’s strategy is more about relationships, to create relationships that evolve and result in sales.

Entering the platform just to advertise, shamelessly selling, can be a shot in the foot.

Keep in mind that people don’t want to be interrupted while browsing. What you need to do is invest in Inbound Marketing and strive to be found there.

(12. Generate new potential customers organically

Even if you have the possibility to advertise on the platform, who wouldn’t want to save money when generating new leads for your business?

By following all the tips on using LinkedIn for companies that I have given you so far, you will already have a solid enough profile to naturally attract new potential customers in an organic way.

The more valuable content you offer on your company page, the more chances you have of attracting the attention of this qualified audience and willing to invest in your product or service.

The more interesting content you publish, the greater your chances of attracting new visitors to your page, which will convert into work aligned with your profile.

My tip is that you enhance this process, offering on your page an above average and very relevant reward for your audience, in exchange for some form of contact (preferably email).

So you can promote more targeted approaches , educate and nurture him until he is ready to become a real customer.

Ideally, you should do this through a high conversion landing page .

It’s simple to create your personalized landing page, look:

• Choose your model: see high conversion options proven through testing.

• Customize the page: edit the texts, colors and images, in addition to hiding elements that add little.

• Publish: finally, just publish on your own domain, without additional hosting costs.

(13. Leverage SEO performance

Still talking about winning customers without having to invest a lot of money for it, here’s some good news.

Company Pages are extremely friendly to Google. This is great for your SEO strategy .

My tip is: make sure you have selected the right keywords for your business, that you are using relevant terms in your business description, and that the content on your page is appropriate for your target audience.

With the right tools, you can further increase the reach of your page and, consequently, your brand in the largest search engine out there.


Conclusion LinkedIn for Business

You can no longer ignore the potential of LinkedIn for companies, as you just saw.

Some opportunities already come with the “complete package” and are just waiting for you to go there and enjoy everything they can offer you.

Certainly, we rarely encounter them, but what you saw in this article is one of those opportunities that you can’t miss.

I showed you how LinkedIn for business works and why including it in your marketing strategy is an excellent idea.

And I have separated the 13 opportunities that the platform offers for you to apply in your business and leverage your sales.

For example, how to better segment your audience, make more effective ads, measure the performance of your publications and generate qualified leads organically.

And the best thing is that everything I said here can be applied to your company or organization today.

What’s up? Did you already know any of these possibilities that LinkedIn for Business offers you? Have you used any of them in your business?

Tell me here in the comments! Hug!

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