9 Tips on how to convert leads into sales for your company

How to convert leads into sales?

It is not just you who have this doubt, as we are talking about a process that separates a successful strategy from failure.

Whatever your industry, you need leads to win customers .

This is a natural step in maturing your relationship with the target audience.

It starts with the first contact and extends to the handshake, when the deal is effectively closed.

But if the topic still raises questions, you will like to know that, in this article, you will have all the answers you are looking for.

From now on, you will understand what leads are and learn the secrets of lead management.

We’ll explain how to turn leads into customers and why you need to learn how to treat a lead first.

Stay tuned for tips, because this is a mandatory knowledge for anyone who has a business to put on the path of sustainable growth.

Leads are business opportunities

Every sale starts with the capture of a lead.

Don’t you know what it is?

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Leads are potential customers, those who have the first contact with your company or with a solution that it offers.

They may be visitors to your blog, for example, as well as followers of your pages on social networks .

From the moment they establish a form of contact with you, they become a lead.

This occurs when filling out an online form, in which the visitor registers his full name and e-mail, becoming part of his list of possible customers.

When entering it, they must receive special treatment, in order to evolve in their relationship with the company.

In practice, they are qualified through the information they receive in the content you offer.

Everything is thought out and proposed so that leads can see what you offer as a solution to their consumption needs.

This is a process of natural evolution that begins in that first contact, as we have already said, and evolves until a purchase is closed.

Every lead represents a business opportunity.

Whether or not it will be achieved is up to you and your strategy – we’ll talk more about that in the next few topics.

So stay tuned for best practices for learning how to convert leads into sales.

Lead types

The leads vary according to your stage of relationship with the company .

In the beginning, they are just contacts about whom little is known, just as they know little about the company and the solutions it offers.

As the relationship between the parties matures, this scenario changes.

And the objective is precisely this: that the need for consumption becomes clearer for the potential customer and that he can identify in your company the ideal solution to serve it.

Among the types of leads, we will now highlight those classified as MQL and SQL.

• MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads)

Marketing Qualified Leads, or just MQL, are potential customers who are in a relatively advanced relationship with the company.

Unlike those at the top of the funnel , whose consumption needs are still unknown, MQLs already have this matured definition.

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That is, there is no doubt that they need a certain solution, as well as they already know that your company is capable of delivering it.

It remains, then, to position yourself in order to convince this lead that you are the best choice, to the detriment of the competition.

What helps in the challenge is the fact that it has already been nurtured with relevant content, whether in the form of articles or e-books , for example.

Thus, if he has had contact with his materials before and it was through them that he understood what he needs, he tends to value this acquired knowledge and consider advancing the relationship, becoming an SQL lead.

• SQL (Sales Qualified Leads)

Leads translation

Sales Qualified Leads, or SQL, represent a potential customer even closer to making a purchase.

For him, there is practically certainty that it will be his company that will meet the identified consumption need.

In other words, it is decided, although it does not set a deadline to close the deal.

You can do this at any time, whether by contacting you on your own initiative or by attending an invitation, promotion or discount opportunity, for example.

An SQL is a lead very close to becoming a customer, but that you can still lose to the competition.

Just settle in, wait passively for the sale and do nothing to encourage you to buy.

At that point, perhaps the competitor will jump ahead and offer the lead the perfect opportunity he has been waiting for.

So be careful.

This is the time to put your team to work on the relationship with the lead and achieve the desired conversion.

As you know your target audience better than anyone, you will know how to identify which type of action is best for turning an SQL lead into a customer.

In the next topic, you’ll see a complete walkthrough to actually discover how to convert leads into sales.

How to convert leads into sales

The challenge of converting leads into sales changes from business to business, as it takes into account their particularities.

However, there are strategies that are considered mandatory whatever your company.

And that’s what we’re going to talk about now.

(1. Know your persona

The persona is a fictional representation of the ideal customer profile.

Its construction depends on a study that considers habits, customs, interests and specific characteristics of its target audience.

Age range, location, gender, education, income range, among other information, are part of this process.

But why do you need to know your personas?

The answer is simple: all marketing and sales strategies need to be designed based on their characteristics.

For example, on which internet channels is your persona most easily found?

This defines where you should be.

Never forgetting that, for it to be converted into a lead, it is necessary that the initial contact takes place – which can happen on a social media or on your blog, for example.

Another important question is the message you will convey to that persona and how you will do it.

You need to consider the language best suited to the audience.

In short, then, getting to know the persona is what brings you closer to a more successful strategy when it comes to locating the potential customer and being more assertive in contacting him.

(2. Qualify your leads

Leads translation :9 Tips on how to convert leads into sales for your company

As you already know, as soon as the potential customer enters your contact base, he becomes a lead.

From then on, your challenge is to lead that lead through your sales funnel , moving forward until you are ready to make a purchase.

This effort depends on a process called lead qualification or nutrition.

That is, it is necessary to instigate him to know more about the company and the solutions it offers.

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There is a need to position yourself as the ideal answer to a specific need of him and, thus, bring him closer to that which is his objective: the realization of the sale.

Nurturing a leader depends on providing him with more useful and relevant content, which can be done from new blog articles, material sent by a newsletter or by email marketing actions. .

If you know the characteristics of your personas well, qualifying the leader will be a much simpler process.

After all, this way, you will know exactly what message and by what means it should be transmitted, so that it brings you closer to the business outcome.

(3. Create email nutrition flows

This tip is complementary to what we just highlighted.

When you have an email marketing strategy , you need to define periodic firing, so that the lead does not deviate your focus from the need for consumption, let alone consider your solution as the ideal one for him.

So, e-mail nutrition has two challenges: the quality of the content delivered to the lead and the frequency of sending.

Particularly on this last issue, it is very important to stay alive in the mind of the potential customer, but be careful not to be invasive.

To make mistakes at that time would provoke repulsion and not the attraction of a possible consumer.

(4. Show the benefits that your product / service will bring to the customer

The customer needs to feel an advantage in the process, as he only makes a purchase when he perceives value in this operation.

Therefore, even if he is aware of an expense, it is necessary to see it as an investment, being sure that he will bet on a product or service that will solve a well-identified consumption need.

Here, your challenge is to highlight the differentials of what your company offers.

That is, to convince this lead that his solution is more advantageous than any other he finds on the market.

You have a good tip on what type of content to offer in your marketing strategies .

Whether by email marketing, blog post, social media posts or any other tactic, highlight the benefits and advantages for the customer of choosing your company.

(5. Use excellent CTAs

CTA is the acronym for Call to Action , which is nothing more than a call to action.

It is an invitation for the user to make a predicted move within a marketing strategy.

It can be subscribing to a newsletter, downloading rich material, such as e-book or infographic , among other options.

Once you’ve mapped the content that matters most to your personas, using CTA is a great way to capture and nurture leads.

CTA can appear in the form of links, banners, buttons, among other alternatives.

It must have objective language, short and thought-provoking calls, in addition to colors chosen especially to attract the user’s attention and get him out of his comfort zone.

By creating great CTAs, you greatly increase the chances of attracting potential customers to your sales funnel, as well as convincing them to take a next step, perhaps even making a purchase.

(6. Be persuasive

This is a tip that does not vary depending on your persona.

The truth is that, whatever your customer profile, you cannot be invasive in communication.

Marketing strategies that seem to try to sell something at all costs do not work.

And even worse: they affect the company’s image and reputation with the public.

To lead a potential customer through the sales funnel, you must be persuasive in the language and type of message you want to convey.

You need to involve the lead so that he believes he has identified his consumption need alone, as well as the ideal solution for it.

That’s why content marketing is often the perfect strategy to generate credibility, authority and position yourself as the best solution for your audience.

After all, based on this tactic, you provide valuable information so that the consumer, alone, can find the answers they so desire.

Obviously, you need to do this so that the answer we talk about leads the customer’s decision to what your company offers.

(7. Invest in follow-up

As we just pointed out, a customer can never feel used to generating a sale.

This goes for both those who have not yet closed a deal and for others who are already customers of your company.

The more attention you give to consumers who have already negotiated with you, the more satisfied they will be.

This brings them closer to a new purchase, but mainly serves as an incentive for them to make a positive advertisement for your company.

Striving for follow-up , therefore, helps both retain customers and attract new ones, which is a consequence of your learning how to convert leads into sales.

(8. Make your leads feel special

In order for them to convert into sales, you cannot treat everyone the same.

The truth is that, depending on the stage you are in, you must propose specific approaches.

The more personalized the service and contact with this potential customer seems, the more special the lead will feel.

It is essential to show concern in solving a user’s demand.

This appears in the persuasive approach we have already discussed.

But it is possible to go further and provide the perfect opportunity for the lead to complete a purchase.

Leads positioned further down the sales funnel await an ideal opportunity to close the deal.

It can be an exclusive promotion with attractive discount, a special event, something that awakens a sense of urgency and scarcity.

Anyway, the possibilities are many and it is up to you to consider what most appeals to your personas so that the strategy is successfully completed.

(9. Measure the entire process

Leads translation 9 Tips on how to convert leads into sales for your company

If you read marketing materials frequently , you may have identified the need to define metrics several times .

After all, what cannot be measured, there is no way to manage.

It is also worth to learn how to convert leads into sales.

Your entire process from capturing the lead to after-sales needs to be monitored and measured.

There are several indicators that can be used in its different phases, such as the conversion rate , cost of customer acquisition, cost per lead, among others.

The important thing is to read more about each of these metrics and identify how they can contribute to your strategy.

With the results obtained, you are able to make adjustments that make the process of converting leads into sales faster and easier.

It is important information to optimize your approach.


You have provided in this article a complete guide with the best tips on how to convert leads into sales.

What remains as the main lesson is the need to take care of your relationship with each potential customer.

It is necessary to invest in it, delivering to the lead “treats” in the form of content and information relevant to it.

As your company is seen as a reference, sales become a natural consequence .

Never forgetting that this process requires a good digital marketing strategy.

How have you used the different channels and tools on the internet to connect with your audience?

The opportunity is there, so try to grab it with both hands.

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