Small business ideas from home with low startup costs (new)

Some people decide to start a business from home because they want to get out of the corporate world and want to work on their own, and others do it just out of curiosity to know if they can actually make money from home. 

Regardless of motivation, there are many good small business ideas from home to choose from and good advice available.

Some people start a business from home just to see what it is like and see if they can generate any income. The Internet is the best place to start a home business that you can keep an eye on in your spare time and grow at your own pace, with little or no initial investment.

Best business to start with little money from home?

Lack of money cannot be an excuse to stop looking for
small business ideas from home that can change your life.

While we cannot deny that investment is needed to start a business, this sum is not so high when you find a business idea that requires other resources beyond money.

Many of today’s small profitable business ideas, thanks to globalization, the Internet and the democratization of information, require investments of time, knowledge and work.

We are not denying that you should not invest your money, since, like any idea, you need to invest in it so that it can grow. 

However, these small business ideas from home that you will see below require other variables such as resourcefulness, creativity, a lot of effort and dedication.

Home business ideas with low startup costs

Discovering hot new business ideas

Entrepreneurship is never easy , not this year or any other, they sell us that yes, anyone can and that we will get rich. But after 20 years I can say that it is one of the most difficult things there is. However, there are hot new business ideas that in 2021 are much more conducive than others.

These are some trends that will continue to rise this year:

Everything that is done remotely keeps going up . The change in habits due to the pandemic leaves some who have come to stay. Everything that is home services, remote work, technology and networks will continue to grow more and more.

• The demand for freelance and freelance services continues to increase for everything, often to the detriment of the hired worker. The “gig economy” or “commission economy” continues to explode in 2021

It started with services like Glovo and the like, but it extends to everything. If you are a freelancer with free time, you have opportunities.

• Ecological is still on the rise this year and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop. Dedicating ourselves to this sector, or giving our initiative a responsible character with the environment will score points.

Services that save daily tasks. Nobody has time for anything anymore, especially to cook. So, as we will see, some of the best small business ideas from home for 2021 are focused on providing that service to people who do not have time to do those daily tasks.

• The senior services will be increasingly in demand.

New network technologies are still the queens. If we know how to program, we have applications and solutions or we understand Artificial Intelligence, they will demand us more than ever. Professionals and companies of this type continue to be needed.

Combined trends. For example, an acquaintance is having a lot of success with his technology initiative (previous point) dedicated to solar energy microgrids . Riding the wave of trends is going with the wind in your favor.

That said, whatever our small business ideas from home is in 2021, there is something that does not change: you must always contribute something different or superior.

Most successful home-based businesses available today

1. Provide virtual assistant services

small business ideas from home

Many professionals offer freelance services . 

The problem is that these types of freelancers have become the closest thing there is to a business man band. They are able to serve their clients, do commercial prospecting, prepare budgets, invoice, manage the accounting of their company , answer the questions that come to them by email, etc. 

There are too many things to do all right. For this reason, the best professionals know that they have to delegate to someone the tasks that bring the least added value to their business, to concentrate on the truly profitable ones. 

And who can then take care of these tasks? Well, a virtual assistant!

The virtual assistant profile is increasingly in demand among companies and professionals. 

If you are an organized and responsible person, you can offer your services as a virtual assistant for hours . That way, instead of working for a single employer, you will serve multiple clients during the hours you have available throughout your workday. 

As there is a high demand for this type of professionals, we are sure that it is one of those small profitable home businesses with which you can obtain great benefits with little investment.

2. Deliver food at home

If you are looking for small profitable business ideas with little investment, and you are good at cooking, you can set up a food delivery service at home.

The business model can be organized in two different versions: 

Prepare food in your own kitchen : you can offer the service by cooking in your own home or in an industrial kitchen on a rental basis. For delivery, you can take advantage of the distribution networks of platforms such as Uber Eats or Glovo. 

Deliver food from other restaurants : you can also become a delivery person for what other businesses cook. In this case, it is possible that profitability will drop a bit, because you depend on the rates set by the large platforms mentioned in the previous point. 

The delivery -Cast food home follow a business model that is here to stay . That is why we consider that we are facing one of the booming businesses.

3. Subtitle creation service for videos

Due to the rise of social networks and online training, video content has multiplied exponentially. In large part because they are the best way to impact larger audiences. 

However, much of the video content is played on mobile and in silence. This is why subtitles are more important than ever, as many people watch videos without activating the audio, and can only understand the message if the image is accompanied by subtitles 

Also, automatic captioning systems still fail a lot and are unreliable. Therefore, we consider that a video subtitle creation service can be one of the most successful home-based businesses available today.

Your subtitle creation service not only has to be reduced to the transcription of the video, but it can also include the translation into other languages, if the scope of dissemination is international. 

4. Content writing service

If you’re good at writing, there are a lot of companies that need to do content marketing that aren’t able to update their blogs as often as they want. Therefore, corporate copywriting is emerging as a profitable business today with which you can earn a lot of money. 

And best of all, you don’t have to make a huge investment to get started. All you need is a computer with Internet access and a great desire to work. 

Among others, you can offer any of these services: 

• Writing post for blogs. 

• Writing texts for web pages. 

• Drafting of product sheets for an online store. 

• Drafting of press releases for companies that want to gain greater visibility through public relations actions. 

• Writing of commercial presentations. 

• Drafting of instruction manuals and technical documentation of a product. 

• Writing emails. 

The possibilities are many and depend a little on your skills or tastes to opt for one or another type of work. 

Also, if you don’t want to exploit your branding or personal brand so that clients find you organically, you can work on platforms such as Fiverr, Twago or Freelancer, which can provide you with work as a copywriter in exchange for a commission. 

On the other hand, we consider that due to the idiosyncrasy of this activity, it is ideal for those who want to set up profitable businesses in towns, since it is not necessary to reside in a big city to serve customers.

5. Expert in blockchain and cryptocurrencies

There is no doubt that cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, despite their high volatility, have become fashionable. And by operating on the basis of technologies such as blockchain , experts in these matters are trading higher 

If you want hot new business ideas for a startup , and you are an expert in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, think about some of these most successful home-based businesses available today related to this topic: 

Cryptocurrency trader. 

• Cryptocurrency advisor for financial companies. 

Blockchain as a service (BaaS).

• Development of blockchain technologies for companies in full digital transformation

• Professional services related to blockchain . 

Blockchain P2P. 

• Creating software based on blockchain . 

As you can see, it is possible to create home business ideas with low startup costs related to these technologies. 

But remember that it is essential to be well trained and have good professionals who collaborate in the development of your business model, since this type of technology advances by leaps and bounds and it is easy to get out of date. 

6. Sales Closer

If you’ve been a good salesperson your whole life, you can create a sales force specialized in closing all kinds of products and services 

More and more entrepreneurs are finding it difficult to sell their products or services. They tend to focus on management and marketing, but feel that they don’t know how to sell (or that they waste too much time taking care of those tasks). 

This means that there is an interesting business opportunity if you are a freelance seller specialized in closing operations, or if you have a team of cracks that are capable of selling ice in the North Pole. 

In those cases, you can offer your services to those entrepreneurs who need to close sales, in exchange for a commission for each order you get. 

If you are a pure commercial, in love with sales, do not miss this option because you can have before you a great profitable business and a lot of fun. 

Especially since sometimes you will sell a course or a SaaS-type software , while at other times you may be marketing fitness shakes, watches or houses in timeshare.

7. Party decoration service

Everyone wants to have parties that are out of the ordinary and that leaves an indelible memory for all the guests. 

They can be birthday parties, engagement parties, retirement parties, or the golden wedding anniversary of a marriage. 

Anyone who has organized a party knows that one of the most complicated tasks is the decoration of the place or the house in which the party is going to be held. 

For that reason, providing a decoration service for parties is becoming another of those small business ideas from home with little investment.

Basically it is about placing decorative elements such as garlands, balloons or tinsel, in addition to preparing the tables for the guests with flowers, tablecloths, candles, lighting, dishes … 

In addition to charging a fixed amount for the work, you can also take care of selling all the necessary material for the event, which will increase your income considerably. 

If you have good taste and better ideas, offer your party decoration service to those people who cannot take care of these details, but who do not give up organizing parties.

hot new business ideas

8. Online insurance broker

Another of those profitable businesses that are more current than ever are insurance brokerages. 

Even if you are looking for ideas for startups , in the sale of insurance online or through apps you have a little exploited market to obtain good returns.  

The good thing about setting up an insurance brokerage is that it is a small business ideas from home with little investment, since, if you are going to operate online, you do not even need to have a premises or an office 

Procedures related to insurance sales can be done over the Internet, from home, without having to invest more money than you want to use in Facebook ads to attract more customers. 

In case it is not clear to you yet, an insurance broker is an intermediary between clients and insurance companies. 

And although it is a fairly competitive business, we consider it to be one of those profitable investments that soon begin to pay off. More than anything because insurance meets basic needs and there are many companies making good deals.

9. Pet care service

Taking into account that there are more and more pets in most families, the regular care of them can sometimes become a problem. 

Why? Well, because a couple who works late, for example, may have problems taking their dog for a walk during working hours (to satisfy its basic needs). 

And the same thing happens when a family organizes a vacation in a place where pets are not allowed. In that case, you have no choice but to modify your plans or stay home. 

For this reason, small business ideas from home such as providing pet care services are beginning to be very successful. 

It is a profitable business with little investment, in which it is enough to have a love for animals and some space so that the dogs – or the cats – are comfortable during the time that their families can not care for them. 

These types of services can become profitable businesses in towns, since in rural areas there is usually spare land to take care of pets. 

And if you do not have a suitable place, you can also provide the service at the client’s home, since what it is about is to satisfy the basic needs of the animal just as its family would.

small business ideas from home

10. TikTok Consultant

No doubt, TikTok  is a social network with more growth potential. 

For that reason, all companies want to have a presence on TikTok. But this network has certain peculiarities in relation to content, so marketing departments often have a hard time generating content that goes beyond doing a little dance with employees. 

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Your services as an expert in TikTok can be, among others, the following: 

Content creator for companies : for companies to achieve greater visibility on the social network. 

TikTok Trainer : with the aim that companies make more effective use of the tool. 

TikTok Consultant : Explaining the ins and outs of the platform and solving the main outreach issues between businesses and freelancers . 

Influencer advisor : who are already successful on other social networks such as Instagram and who want to make the leap to TikTok.

TikTok monetization manager : teaching companies how to make money with TikTok .

Which of these small business ideas from home are you going to start in 2021?

Surely if you have come this far it is because you are looking the best business to start with little money from home, with the aim that it ends up becoming a stable and profitable business. 

There are a few things you should do to make it easier to start and run a home business with low startup costs. Set up a work area where you can keep your business information and have uninterrupted access to your computer. 

People often describe the kitchen table as a great place to start a home business. If there is constant traffic around the kitchen table, however, you may need to rethink the location. 

Choose a place where you can work without interruptions, and where there is not too much congestion of people.

Work during a period in which you have no interruptions. If your home is quieter at night an hour or two before going to bed, you may want to use this time to start your business. 

You will need a couple of hours a day to work, and you will find that your work is more productive when you are not interrupted.

Well, with these 10 examples of the Most successful home-based businesses available today that are easy to start, you have heavy artillery to start writing your business plan and shape your company as soon as possible. 

Tell us in the comments what you think of these profitable businesses and if there are other ways to earn money from home that seem better than the ones we propose.

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