Make money with articles by creating ebooks in Nigeria

Many professionals outsource article writing projects. These articles often make their way onto websites to be used as unique and fresh content. If you are looking for a way to generate additional income or ways to attract more visitors to your website, take these outsourced articles and transform them into an eBook. Thus, you can simply make money with articles by creating ebooks in Nigeria.

How to sell ebooks on your own website

So, how you can make money with an eBook? The easiest approach to take is to sell the eBook to readers. List it for sale on your website. Create a catchy sales page outlining the main points that your eBook covers and how readers can benefit from buying it. If you have a niche website, such as one that focuses on computers, try to have an eBook that goes with your website theme. Listing your eBook for sale on an existing and already popular website can increase your sales.

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While it is recommended that you first start with an eBook that can be posted for sale on your own niche website, you may be looking to capitalize on this unique moneymaking opportunity. If you want to compile eBooks on a wide range of topics, use third party websites to sell them. These websites are nice, as their are already marketed and known to the general public. You also do not have to pay for web hosting or create your own sales page. The only downside to using a third party website is that you are charged either a monthly fee or a percentage of each sale.

An eBook that is created from outsourced articles can also be used as a traffic generator. Whether you rely on the selling of a product or making money through advertisements, traffic can increase your earnings. Internet users love free stuff. If you offer something for free, like an eBook, you will find that internet users flock to your website. By offering an eBook available for download free of charge, your visitor count will increase, as may your earnings.

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As for how you can turn a set of articles into an eBook, it isn’t as hard as it sounds. Hire a web content writer to write a series of articles. Give them specific topics to focus on. Computers were used as an example above. Articles that focus on tips for shopping for computers, reviews of the best manufacturers, and so forth is a great way to get started and make money with articles by creating ebooks in Nigeria.

Next, you will want to arrange the articles in order to create the proper flow. eBooks that are complied of multiple articles can be tossed together, but make sure nothing appears out of place. As an example, start by listing the benefits of owning a computer and their uses. Then, move on to how you can shop for a computer. Finally, review the most popular computer manufacturers.

How short can an ebook be?

One question that you may have involves length. What is the best length for an eBook? Honestly, any length will do. Just make sure that your point is made. If you can do this in five pages or less, give it a try. With that said, if you intend to sell your eBook, many internet users will not pay for a book that is less than 10 pages long.

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Another question that you may have involves hiring an eBook writer. Why not just hire a writer to compose an eBook for you, as opposed to a series of articles? It is all about making the most money. You may be surprised to learn that writers tend to charge more for writing eBooks than just articles. By compiling the outsourced articles and transforming them into an eBook yourself, you could save yourself a hundred dollars or more!

As a recap, outsourced articles do not have to retain their original format. If you are looking to get the most value for your money, consider compiling your next batch of articles into an eBook. Give it a few months. Are you making money or have you seen an increase in your website traffic? Chances are, you have.

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