Make Extra Income : 10 Best Second Income Opportunities

Looking for side hustles to undertake in 2021 and earn extra income?

Then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we gather paths, trends and tips for those who want to start a profitable business venture in this economic scenario of uncertainties and fluctuations.

We know that the situation in 2020 was not easy for entrepreneurs, but there are reasons to renew expectations. So, this is the time to project profitable ideas for 2021 and take advantage of the economy’s first momentum of recovery.

More and more people are looking for profitable side hustle business ideas. And this is simple to understand, they want to improve their lives and see a great business opportunity. If you are also looking for a business idea, you have just found everything you need.

Be very welcome! You’re in the right place to discover the best profitable business ideas !

I really hope that at the end of this business guide, you are eager to start one of these side hustles in Nigeria. For it is indeed, the new job security.

Tips on how to make extra money on the side

Make extra income

After these tips, you need to take the ideas off the paper to start with little money, see a step by step that is essential:

• Doing what you know and like is optimizing investment;
• Prioritize digital-only businesses;
• Analyze the market for an unprecedented or innovative solution;
• Try to segment your niche to reduce the margin of error;
• Make a business plan and have a strategic plan;
• Consider installing your company in your own home;
• Exercise strict control over the company’s cash so as not to mix with your personal finances;
• Commit to your entrepreneurial goals;
• Use your creativity and invest in marketing ;
• Make quality of service your differential and build a positive image about your work.

At this point, the best way to prepare for the recovery of the economy is to start with a good side hustle business plan for making extra income.

However, when we are going to start a business, we have to be aware of everything that is involved.

It is not a bed of roses, but it is certainly worth having a side hustle business opportunity for making extra income.

To assist your journey in the pursuit of profitable side hustle businesses to earn extra income make your way towards financial independence, we have prepared a list full of viable ideas for different types of investors.

Top Side hustles to bring home extra income

1.) Create and Sell Digital Products

If you are looking for profitable business, you should evaluate this idea of ​​entrepreneurship.

The market for digital products keeps growing, every day the number of people buying a digital product increases for the first time.

Digital products are products that are made and “consumed” in electronic media such as computers, cell phones and tablets.

They are e-books, online courses, Internet mentoring, video classes, audios and other products that are entirely digital.

There are also physical products that use the same digital marketing mechanism to make sales, but in this case the product is shipped.

People are increasingly comfortable buying on the Internet, and this practically guarantees that this market will become one of the largest!

Well, this business idea may seem complex, but it’s not…

Creating and selling a digital product is much simpler than you think.

It may seem like an exaggeration, but it is not …

This is certainly one of the best profitable business ideas for 2020 and also for years to come.

2.) Install Solar Panels

One of the innovative businesses that I consider to have a high potential for return.

Solar panels have increasingly been used in homes and small businesses.

They generate savings for those who use them, and they also generate clean energy, helping to conserve the environment and reduce the effects of global warming.

This environmental appeal, coupled with gains in energy savings, has made many people want solar panels.

And therein lies the profitable business opportunity! One of the best side hustles in Nigeria.

When we see an opportunity, we need to grab it and seize it.

You can become a solar panel installation technician and take advantage of this idea to undertake.

3.) Set up an Online Store

Virtual stores are here to stay …

Taking advantage of this growth in Internet sales, setting up a virtual store has been one of the most profitable businesses in recent years.

Here it may require a little investment, but nothing that compares to setting up a traditional store.

Virtual stores use the e-commerce system, which is nothing more than electronic commerce.

The first step is to know how to set up an e-commerce, the second step is to study this market.

Well, this is an idea that is worth looking at more calmly.

4.) Create a Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping has grown a lot in recent years. If you want profitable and low investment deals you should consider having a business using Dropshipping.

The improvement of products, the reduction of delivery time and the greater number of people buying over the Internet has made this modality soar!

Dropshipping is very similar to e-commerce, but with the great advantage of not needing stocks.

You will focus on creating the online store and sales, and another company is responsible for stocking and sending the product to the buyer.

Sites like AliExpress and Amazon use the Dropshipping system.

5.) Import and Resell Products

Earn extra income through importation

Importing and reselling at a profit is recommended for people who want a small profitable business .

We know that imported and branded products are very expensive in stores, so how would you manage to have an import business?

Simple, you can import high quality products that people want to buy and resell here and earn the same profit that stores earn.

Importing can be considered as one of the businesses with little investment and quick return.

Of course, you can easily start a viable mini importation business from sites like 1688, DHgate, Alibaba and the likes.

6.) Set up a game development business (Innovative Business)

Did you know that creating and selling games is one of the most profitable businesses in the world?

That’s why the video game industry is always making investments and we have more and more realistic games.

However, with the growth in the use of smartphones and tablets, many people are preferring to play on these devices.

That’s when an excellent business idea emerges: The development of games for cell phones and even the development of games for computers.

What was previously restricted only to large companies, is now accessible to almost anyone who wants to learn.

7.) Become a Cell Phone Maintenance and Repair Technician

Still taking advantage of the business opportunities generated by the growth of cell phones and tablets, you can become a cell phone technician.

Recently the manager here at the company dropped his phone on the floor and had to change the screen, he had to walk 50 km to be able to change the screen.

What is interesting about this business idea is that you can do it from home.

And practically guaranteed you will be investing in one of the best successful businesses.

It is an idea to undertake with little money, you just have to prepare and start.

8.) Create and Sell Special Souvenirs

Producing and selling souvenirs is a good business opportunity.

There are hundreds of events in people’s lives that they need souvenirs, such as the birth of children, baby shower, birthday and wedding party and much more.

You can specialize in creating and selling these souvenirs.

You can use social media to spread your content.

You can also create a website to sell your services and products.

9.) Work with a Photography Business

It may not seem like it, but photography remains a profitable business.

The important thing here is to know how to differentiate yourself, to be a specialist in photographs.

If you like taking pictures, this is a good idea for you.

I recommend that you take a photography course to succeed.

10.) Business of Manufacture and Sale of Handmade Soaps and Cosmetics

Soaps and cosmetics is a product that will always be sold.

After all, we all have to shower.

Following the line of handmade products, making and selling soaps and cosmetics has proved to be a good new business to invest in.

The investment is low, and you get a good return.

And what does it take to get into this business?

Simple, just knowing how to make and sell.

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