5 best things to sell at school to raise money now

The school environment is a place where you meet a large number of people and the larger this group of people, the better for those looking for things to sell at school. Either in the vicinity or even in the interior space itself.

The reason for the success of sales in these places is simply the large number of students and the need to purchase certain types of products.

It is logical that what predominates in sales are food and beverages, since people always have the need to consume them, so a good salesperson must be attentive to those details.

So if you don’t know what to sell at school to make money, here I am going to list some good profitable product ideas. Read on and get ready …

What are the best things to sell at school?

There are a number of products that can be sold in the school space by a student and even in my class there have been people who carried various things to sell at school. Among them, the one who did the most well was a seller of chocolates and know that this is one of the best products to sell.

Below I am going to list some interesting things, which gives to sell in the school and generate good profits for you.

(1 – Sell cakes in pieces

Cakes – 5 best things to sell at school

This is an excellent product option to sell at school and the chances of having a lot of interested people are great. So what you can do is learn how to produce cakes at home, after you are done it is just cut into pieces, pack in aluminum foil and take to sell.

A good product is wrapped iced cake, which can be kept in a styrofoam for sale. You can also sell pieces of stuffed homemade cakes. Give each piece to sell for a price between $ 2 and $ 5.

(2 – Sell truffles at school

This is one of the best things to sell at school, because truffles are adored by young audiences. Are you serious, who doesn’t like chocolate? And there may be a good opportunity for you to earn money producing at home and taking to sell at your college or university.

The profit margin on each truffle is usually very good and it is an easy product to sell. Start with 10 truffles for example, and then increase accordingly for more demand.

In the case that it is a person who is not from your family, since we show the recipes and also some tips to start the sale of your sweets.

(3 – Sell beauty products

The young public is very interested in cosmetics, makeup and beauty products in general. Then depending on the products, he gives to get an additional income that he sells at the school. Mainly if you are friends with many people and are a person with ease of communication.

You do not need to buy the products to resell, because it gives to work reselling through catalogs. A good example of this is the possibility of reselling Apothecary by catalog, which can be an interesting way.

However, appeasing to sell beauty products is an interesting option, you need to evaluate better. In the end, many of the people who attend schools do not have as much money to buy slightly more expensive products.

So if you notice this in your school, opt to work with cheaper product options, preferably food products.

(4 – Make handmade bracelets to sell

This is one of the suggestions of things to sell at school that can give you good profits too. This is because you will produce your bracelets yourself by hand and have an interesting profit margin.

So it can be made from elastic bracelets to leather bracelets to sell. As they are cheap products, which will come in the range of R $ 2 to R $ 5 reais, they may have many interested parties within the school.

(5 – Sell handmade bindings

Another product that has become a great success is the bookbinding. Therefore, if you learn to work with artisan binding, you will be able to sell these products to your schoolmates. Since it will be in an environment conducive to that.

The bindings can be used to organize work, place photos or even a notebook to place the sheets and write normally. The truth is that selling cheap artisan products can be an interesting option to sell at school.

What to sell at school besides candy

5 best things to sell at school

If you are a freelance vendor and want to take advantage of the large number of students there, know that this is one of the best environments to work with your products.

Some vendors manage to get a good result, mainly at break time, when the students go out to the schoolyard and if it is a place where it is possible to have contact with who is outside, even better.

This is because in some schools the environment is totally closed and the students do not see exactly what is happening outside.

Food products are generally the best things to sell at school and there are many options. Currently,

(1. Sell salty at the school door

Salty foods will always be well-sold products in schools, because it is a delicious option that ends up feeding a person well. With a price in the range of $ 2 to $ 3, you can sell various types of salty.

The best options are cushions, cake, rolled and sink. You will give to offer other types of salty as well, but everything will be at your discretion. Along with the salty ones, you can make juices to sell, as it combines perfectly.

(2. Sell the picol and ice cream

These have always been good products to sell at school, because they sell a lot, they attract attention and in times like the summer, the sales are bombarded. Then you can buy popsicles and ice cream from a vendor or produce homemade to sell.

Buy a picolé cart that will greatly facilitate its sale, transportation to school and preservation of the products.

(3. Sell candy in general

There are many people who buy these traditional carts to sell various types of goodies at the doors of schools. It can be a good option, since many sellers live only from that to several years.

Then it is possible to sell a lot with a cart of the type, such as bullets, gum, sausage, candy, peanuts and much more. You will profit a few pennies on each product sold, but with all that variety it is possible to make a good profit at the end of the day.

(4. Hot dog sale

You can’t think of good products to sell at school without remembering the hot dog. I think that this is one of the most traditional products in this medium and that it never leaves the scene. Therefore, it is a great option to earn money on the doorstep of a school.

(5. Sell ice cream at school

If you are looking for things to sell at school that are inexpensive, but can provide you with good returns, know that selling ice cream may be the option. Nowadays ice creams fell in people’s taste, mainly with the new flavors and the gourmet ice cream that is the great novelty.

Believe, there are people who manage to sell more than 100 ice creams a day at the school door. So it is something that can work well in your city as well.

The truth is that there are several other products that can be sold in schools and that make good money. See some other traditional examples

• Muffin.
• Brownie
• Dreams
• Homemade yogurt.
• He breaks his chin.
• Fast boats.
• Refreshments.

How do I sell my products at school?

This is nothing new and you must have already seen someone taking your little things around the school with the intention of selling and earning a bonus. Some manage to get good results with their sales within the school space, but before putting your face in and doing that you have to take some measures.

The first step is to request permission from the directors of the entity to be able to sell their products in the space. Some schools approve of this type of sale, but it is not something very well seen by others, because there is a risk that the school becomes a true commercial center.

If you get permission to sell, the next step is simply to know how to differentiate when it comes to selling when it comes to studying. Usually, people who take their things to sell at school, use the holidays to work and this is a rule that should always be followed.

Selling things at school for graduation

5 best things to sell at school

If you are a student and you want to sell something at school to raise money for your graduation, you will be able to sell all the same things that I have listed here. With the money raised it is only to be collecting to use in his graduation party.

However, something very cool and that I think works until the sale of products every day, is to join with your own colleagues and organize small events. Yes, you can talk to the directors of the school and organize a sporting event, a June party or something like that.

At these events for the students themselves, you can raise money by selling some type of food and drink. So it gives to sell soft drinks, juices, salty foods, sandwiches, make farofa to sell and various other things.

This is a great way to gather a large group of people in the same place and sell something for them. So you can raise money to graduate from within the school itself.

Does selling things at school make money?

The truth is that with all this it is possible to get a good money working in the part of inside or outside of the school. Of course, these were just some tips and if you really want to focus on things to sell at school, I recommend that you carefully evaluate this option to find out what can and cannot be done legally.

But in general, it is possible to earn an extra income varying between $ 100 and $ 500 per month by bringing things to sell at school. Those who work from abroad generally manage to earn more than $ 1 thousand per month.

Hope these tips and ideas have been helpful and help you in some way. If you want to know more, I recommend that you read the article that we prepared here with 17 Tips on how to sell more effectively. It is a very complete article with ideas of things that give money to sell!

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